If you are in a fix to ta3a ke up a learning course in the beautiful Spanish language, check out some of vital reasons for moving ahead and undertaking this unique experience.

a) Your tour to the tropical and exotic countries of United States, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile or Spain would be a redefining experience in case you know Spanish. Learning Spanish will thus be of great benefit, allowing you to get closer to the local culture and communicate with the local people.

b) Spanish residents abound in Spain, United States, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Equatorial Guinea, Philippines, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Figures suggest that Spanish is the fourth common spoken language in the world! So why not be familiar with this widely acclaimed second language?

c) Spanish has its roots primarily in Latin while English too uses a lot many Latin derivations. This would indeed broaden one’s English vocabulary as well as be helpful for those who are pursuing science, medicine and law.

d) Research suggests that learning more than two languages enhances mental agility and wards off such disease as the Alzheimer’s disease. Besides, bilingualism also opens6 up your mind, allowing you to view things in new light. Learning Spanish will instigate you to think critically critical, thereby inspiring varied perspectives.

e) There are around 350 million people whose mother tongue is Spanish. No wonder, business concerns have come across a very promising market segment! A great number of established business concerns are recruiting employees with excellent hold on the Spanish language to cater to the growing demand of Hispanic consumers.

f) Globalization has brought about the intermingling of cultures and interest. Spanish music, movies, art and culture are being appreciated worldwide but learning the language would result in better understanding of their artistic masterpieces. For instance, dubbed movies lose the essence of their original counterpart. It would be all the more better if one could watch movies like Belle époque (1993), The Sea Inside (2004) and All About My Mother (1999) in the Spanish language.

g) Just ponder for a while over the number of times you have been asked about your mastery in other languages while filling up an application form. This clearly suggests that learning foreign languages like Spanish holds a lot of potential to grab the job of your dreams.

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