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Seventh Journey book 1 is an adventure unlike any other.  With a unique story line which draws you in immediately, to the complex and rich villians, Seventh Journey captivates and inspires.  A love is formed between Jacob Cross and “Tamara” a female warrior from another dimension.  Together, they’ll square off against a monster with unfathomable power, hell bent on destroying Jacob’s world.

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What is Kobo?

Kobo is an ereader.  Kobo not only has their own ereader devices, but also offer Kobo Apps that can allow you to read books on your Phone, PC or Tablet.  These forms of reading are becoming increasingly more popular and now represent a vast quantity of sales in the book industry, giving new authors more ways to reach their audience.  Books can be gifted to others, or bought for yourself and displayed in a virtual library which neatly organizes your collection.  The devices require an internet connection to synchronize your purchase, but once this is done you’re good to go.  Page flipping animations, and nice bright graphics enhance your virtual reading experience in a convenient compressed fashion.  All you’ll need to do is enter a username and password to setup your account.

What are readers saying?

Seventh Journey is the story of Jacob Cross, a scientific researcher who is working on a project that is supposed to cure insomnia, among other benign applications. He soon discovers that his research is being used as something else entirely – a way to control large populations of people. Definitely a good read if you are into sci-fi or paranormal.”  –Andi Styles


Seventh Journey is a mind boggling SciFi experience with ‘what is’ and ‘what is to come’ on our planet Earth. Intriguing and suspense-filled. Great storytelling. I recommend it.” —Joyce Johnson, author of Henrietha


“Graham’s novel provides an introspective look at the epic story, with a message verging on new age philosophy. I would classify this book among other spiritual and philosophical writers such as James Redfield and Richard Bach; unlike those writers however, Robert Graham seeks to deliver a modern myth full of action, suspense and romance that should please avid movie goers and contemporary readers alike.” — Christian I.



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