Seventh Journey – Reviewed By James W. Astrada

NP:  Seventh Journey Series and Humanity’s Plight?

By: James W. Astrada


When introduced to Robert’s Book a while back I was initially planning to write just a review.  After finishing the book, I realized that his story of “science fiction” was more intended for reality rather than fantasy.  The brain as I have mentioned [in other articles] is one of humanity’s most important organs next to the heart.  With our minds, humans have the capacity for greatness as well as failure.  How we utilize that responsibility is up to us on an individual basis.  It becomes awe inspiring when one can reach their zenith and possibly possess the powers that our engineers once had in mind for us (telekinetic abilities, meditation, flight [in real time not in dreams] and other superpowers dreamed by humans).  When one decides to use it to control and dominate others such as Netex in Robert’s book, this becomes negative and detrimental to ascension into greater power.

For Jacob the main protagonist, his invention that he thought would be used for the betterment of humanity has been twisted to fulfill the complete opposite.  Multidimensional travel is an application that most consensus science has deemed fantasy; however, there have been examples used in history that may prove otherwise. The infamous Montauk Project or better known as the “Philadelphia Experiment” has entertained these claims.  Preston Nichols and Al Bielek were both personnel involved in this project that dealt with practical applications of teleportation, traveling outside the space-time continuum, and working on military applications for invisibility.  Testing began in 1943 with many successful trials; however the crew’s health and conditions were not met with the same success.  Many of them died and some were transported into a different dimension personifying a “ghostly figure” or becoming immersed into the hull.  After the project was decommissioned, another program in 1952 named “Project Rainbow” was introduced by Von Nuemann for testing in England.  The new program supposedly figured out the problem regarding personnel and decided to divide the program into nine phases:

  • Phase 1 Mind control
  • Phase 2 Invisibility
  • Phase 3 Worm Holes/Space Time
  • Phase 4 Time Travel
  • Phase 5-6 classified/unknown
  • Phase 7 Helicopters, Stealth Technology, and Mind Alteration
  • Phase 8 and Phase 9 were fixed location of projects located in Lake Mishear, Louisiana (NASA) and Canada

These points are exactly dealt with in the novel with striking similarity.  Jacob is caught at the center of a conspiracy where his life is on the line to help not only save Tamara’s (another being he has grown to love from the other dimension) world but his own as well.  He also entered a crossroads where morality comes into play to either continue the project on himself for curing insomnia, or halting in fear that it might be used maliciously in the hands of Netex.  The book focuses on what may be lurking on the other side of reality if the right technology is used to open the door.  If there is irrefutable proof that the governments of our world do possess the technology to travel to other planets, solar systems or other “domains,” why does NASA still use rocket fuel to launch rockets?  If and when they do actually use this technology for intent purposes, will they act like Netex and enslave humanity with mind bending drugs, and mind control devices affecting our brain patterns (alpha, beta, theta, etc.)?

The Seventh Journey is a well written book that forces us to question beyond fantasy as we venture into reality with each turning of the page.  I myself find this book to be a wonderful insight into the world of mind manipulation, other intelligent life living in other domains, multidimensional romance, conspiracy, and adventure beyond imagination.  Robert has done an excellent job in initiating the start of a complex and toilsome trek that has more in store for the reader.



Graham, Robert J.R. The Seventh Journey Book 1. January 20th 2012.

Moore, William and Charles Berlitz.  The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility. Fawcett. March 1st, 1995.


© James Astrada 2012

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