Signs of Infidelity in a Relationship

By Barbara Longsworth 

Many of those in a relationship are familiar with the concept of infidelity. However, the problem can often be one of ignorance when it comes to reading the signs associated with this behavior. Here, we’ll take a closer look at some of the signs that are to be observed when detecting the potential (or on-going instances) of infidelity.

What about direct confrontation?

Even if one’s relationship is going through a current rough patch, a direct confrontation, with no evidence, is usually a bad idea. This will only precipitate an argument and possibly bury any evidence that this is, indeed the case. If it’s not the case; well, you have just managed to shut down communication even further – which doesn’t help any relationship. However, correctly assessing the signs of infidelity, in its early stages, can be helpful when it comes to saving a relationship.

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A rather sudden improvement in appearance

When you first met your partner, it was more than likely that they were paying extra careful attention to their appearance. This may have changed a bit over time. However, a sudden preoccupation with the way one looks when leaving the house can be an indication of trying to attract someone. This is especially true in cases where other motives can be ruled out (trying for a promotion, impressing an important client, etc.).

Are you being treated differently?

A relationship with someone else will invariably cause your partner to view you in a different light. Since this, in many cases, is done at a subconscious level, your partner may not even be aware that they are doing this. But it can be obvious to you.

More work overtime?

Of course if your partner is on salary, overtime cannot be measured in a paycheck. But seriously, you would probably know if longer work hours are actually required at the office. Being aware of suddenly changing work habits may be warranted, especially in conjunction with other signs of possible infidelity. This can also relate to a partner suddenly not having any time for traditional family events because of “extra work” at the office – especially on normal days off.

Business-related travel

Business travel is one of the most common opportunities to meet with another romantic partner. Even if the business travel is legitimate, the opportunity is still there. Ask yourself “Are there fewer calls home when travelling on business, lately?”

Illicit telephone conversations are a sign

Strangely enough, there are many who will allow an infidelity partner to call them at home. You may notice this in the way a phone conversation doesn’t “feel right” when overhearing your partner speak on the phone.

Computer email usage increasing?

These days, people like to communicate electronically. Have you noticed your partner staying up extra late and telling you that it’s okay for you to go on to bed? This can be a very good sign of illicit chat or email communications.

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