Role of the Sirian High Command
– Sirian High Command

Question: What is the role of the Sirian High Command?

In many ways we are like your ambassadors trying to extend a hand to allow others the opportunity to exchange ideas and information with different species and different cultures. The Sirian star system is rich in diversity, not only amongst many different species, but also varying cultures and belief systems; in many ways very akin to your planet. We do oversee and observe the progression of your world as it relates to us and our development.

Ah, we hear the wheels turning! “What does that mean? How does our growth affect you?” We are in a sense your ancestors. We have been amongst the many co-genitors of your world, donating genetic material. Many of you remember other lifetimes within our system. There are still monuments that attest to your connection with us. But those memories long passed from mass consciousness. You now begin to recall your connection to us as you seek answers to many of your great archeological questions. Our role as we interact with you and as will unfold in the future is to once again be ambassadors, extending an invitation to Earth to become a conscious part of the galactic community.

So much forgotten, yet that is in part what allows you now to make huge leaps in consciousness. And the lessons learned as you propel yourselves higher and ever higher in frequency will be shared with the entire universe, thus creating a brand new game for us all. And for that we are ever grateful and eagerly await to observe that which you create.


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