SoftWiring Your Brain

Whether you are looking at 3rd graders at P.S. 183 learning to read, or the graduating class at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, we see the effects of human conditioning.

Your personal life goals, beliefs and attitudes, and career and relationship decisions are results of your genes and the conditioning by society. Would you be the same person you are now, if you were born to an impoverished family in African Ghana?

Your conditioning would be for another lifestyle, not North American; your culture
would not encourage higher education nor a career dedicated to personal wealth.

Operant conditioning, as revealed by B. F. Skinner at Harvard (1904-1990), is
based on how a reinforcing stimulus causes a behavior to exist or be extinguished.

The consequence of the behavior (your response) is reinforced (through repetition) or inhibited. You learn and remember, specific behaviors are followed by identifiable consequences. Repetition is the basis of learning through Association.

You receive the M&M or get rapped across the knuckles, and the pleasure
or punishment registers and changes your hardware also known as your subconscious mind, for the future. See, you have been conditioned. Is the secret

Human Genome

Whether you marry at age 22 or 37 or not at all, cultural conditioning influences you. Why does this man or woman practice law or medicine, while their high school classmate flips burgers at McDonald for the next twenty-five years?

What is not hardwired by genetics is SoftWired by personal experience and exposure to circumstances. Your brain is the hardwiring (how), your mind contains the instructions (what) in your SoftWiring.

Mental SoftWare is analogous to your left hemisphere, coding and decoding language and reasoning. Your mental Hardware (wiring) resides in your right hemisphere and contains your genetic code. Your right brain is holistic and spatial, and runs much of your mental imagery, together with your autonomic nervous system. How do we improve our skills and reach mastery? Is it by repetition?


In 1962 the Nobel was awarded to Francis Crick and James D. Watson for discovering the DNA structure is in the form of a double helix.

The DNA is a blueprint with instructions to manufacture the proteins and RNS
molecules of living cell structures. It carries out heredity with a chemical compound called nucleotides; it has four bases: adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine.

Today, as a result of the effort of scientist J. Craig Venter and the Human Genome
Project, we are seeing sequencing (mapping) of our DNA. Best estimates are the
human genome has 34,000 genes; some scientists believe they will eventually discover up to 125,000 genes.

Repetition, REPetition, RepetiTION

Your Mama was right; repetition is the mother of memory. You later learned for
yourself, memory is the father of learning. Every time you access (retrieve) a
long-term memory, you cause firing of the synapses of your neurons in
that circuit. Use-it-or-lose-it applies to muscles and neurons. Firing strengthens through repetition creating a joint effort by your neurons.

Repetition causes deeper imprinting of memory. Engrams (memory traces) that are
used, live; disuse of knowledge causes atrophy by pruning. The cells that fire together, wire together (Donald O. Hebb, 1949), means you get synaptic efficacy by
repetition, REP-etition and repeti-TION.


The primary law of advertising is: repeat your message three times in each ad.
The first time it does not register and is lost. The second impression seeks an
association with related information and is weakly remembered; and the third reading cause a Sulci (groove, furow) of memory in your cerebral cortex.

The language of the brain is Imagery, mental movies. No picture, no engram
(memory trace). What about memory? The language (communication) of
memory and learning is Association. New memories must link with old long-
term memories. Guess how? Repetition.

Drill And Kill

For stickiness, Wernicke and Broca Areas of your brain must decode (interpret) the symbols of language into meaning. The first few times you see an object, name or
idea you only have a Recognition level of awareness (information) not knowledge.

To have knowledge requires Over-Learning, knowing the stuff automatically without conscious involvement. Do you have to stop and count on your fingers the answer to 9×9, or is the knowledge on auto-pilot? Same with typing, speaking
and reading. In driving do you stop to signal your foot to hit the brake or accelerator? Driving is right-brain derived and reinforced through repetition.

Most of us stop at awareness of information, never reach Over-Learning. Over 90% of what we read and hear (unless it hits an emotional button) goes in your left-ear and out the right. Unless you are motivated to know, (Inquiring Minds Need to Know), you do not retain stuff learned exclusively with your left hemisphere.

Catch This Brain Stuff

Learning is a transfer of information from our left-brain to our right brain
where it becomes Knowledge. Now it becomes Pattern Recognition, on auto-
pilot, spatial, and retrievable on demand.

You learn to play golf, tennis and type by learning the rules through repetition, a left-brain process. You master your sport or skill when you stop analyzing the steps and go on auto-pilot using your right brain.

Your right brain is holistic, sees the big-picture, is intuitive and controls pattern
recognition. It can deliver 11 million bits of information per second, while your
left brain, verbal, logical and analytical, has only 60 bits of bandwidth per second.

Guess which one has room for storing long-term knowledge? Your mental imagery
and sounds are elements of your right-brain, while simultaneously operating your breathing, heartbeat and blood circulation. Brilliant stars aim for integrating both
hemispheres and use memory techniques to install long-term knowledge.

The Best for Last

If you choose to learn and use these three phrases, the results may amaze you.
They are baby-easy, quick to learn, and permit you to influence both students and
adults. Google Nathan Blaszak for why it gives you power over others,

a) If-you-were…Mentally visualize a scary Werewolf to recall the Were,
in If-You-Were. Continue: If-you-were …to learn speed reading.

b) You-might-notice… Mentally visualize Mighty Joe Young, an 800

pound gorilla to recall the Might in You-Might-Notice. Continue:

you-might-notice… extraordinary results in learning and memory.

c) To-the-point… Mentally visualize a 5 foot high Exclamation Point
to recall the Point in to-the-Point. Continue: to-the-point …where you feel great and happy for the ability to speed read.

Another Example

To students: If you were pay attention to these secrets of spelling,

you might notice higher grades, more self esteem and ranking

in the top 10%, to the point you ace high school, college and graduate

school. (You might want to experiment with these 3 power phrases.)

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