Self-Engineering And Solving Life Problems
by: Andy Sullivan

Sorting out problems in life often relies up on the expertise of others. If you have a problem with your car you take it to a mechanic. If you need to fix your house up you call in the builders. There are experts for almost problem we can imagine, that is how society functions: smoothly- like a well oiled machine.

What can we do when the problem is closer to home?  If only fixing a human being was as simple as popping into the mechanics for a quick oil chance and tyre pump. Of course, human beings are far more sophisticated than even the most expensive car. Human beings also have an additional benefit: the ability to self diagnose and make the necessary improvements when the need arises. Learning the principles of self engineering will benefit you immeasurably. After all, what is sweeter than solving a problem by yourself?

The principle of self-development is to become a master of your own destiny; to shape and control the life path you walk down; to become more than just a person; to become a creator of greatness. On a more tangible level self-improvement makes you more aware to the internal conflicts that rage inside yourself. To develop the mind is to develop the soul, self improvement turns the mind’s eye inwards, and opens up new world of opportunity for success.

We call this harmony between mind, body and soul : Holism. An holistic approach covers every possible angle, focuses the individual on preventative measures, and engrains a new set of belief and attitudes that promote positive thinking. By concentrating on the sum of the parts, we become greater as a whole, for that is the basic principle of holism.

Since the dawn of civilisation, mankind has strived to answer the fundamental questions: Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Who am I? The search for the truth starts and ends with the self. If you want to be the best you can be, then you need to ask yourself the right searching questions. Life is a process of discovery and change. Either we change with the times or the times will change us.

One of the most important acts of self-engineering is overcoming fear of the unknown. If you are unhappy with your current lifestyle but lack the confidence to change it, then changing your outlook on life is where you should start. Your attitude to change will make or break your opportunity for success and personal development. Think about it in this way. Every time you learn something new or acquire a new interest you have changed. Every challenge you overcome results in you adapting, changing and growing. We are all part of a process of change and more change. A mature attitude to change is desirable ( I would say essential) for personal success.

Many researchers into holistic therapy have been slow to cotton on to its benefits, but recent studies have demonstrated its effectiveness. Holistic therapy involved treating the mind and body as a single organism because of the connection between what we feel and how we think. Negative thoughts manifest into negative behaviours and vice versa. Replacing negative belief systems with positive ones will not only make you more at peace with the world, but will also enhance your ability to conquer new challenges and set new goals.

English: Holistic health, body, mind, heart, soul
English: Holistic health, body, mind, heart, soul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The self-engineer understands his or herself better than anyone else in the world, including their own mother or marital partner. The mind eye can be made to see with greater clarity if it is trained in the correct procedures. Meditation is a form of mind eye training. With meditation we become more at peace with ourselves as individuals and more knowledgeable of our respective strengths and weaknesses. Fortunately, meditation is easy for beginners to incorporate into their self-engineering project. There is no big mysticism because all it is, really, is the training of the physical self to overcome the effects of negative thinking

There are plenty of great guides out there to get better equipped with the principles of meditation, introspection and holistic therapy. For instance, you may wish to consider taking up yoga, self hypnotherapy or NLP, [Robert Graham also recommends], the choice is yours. The important thing is to find something you can relate to and then begin your voyage of self discovery.


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