By Duncan Sequeira

Just as it would be frowned upon to pass wind or burp in public, as this goes against the generally accepted social code of conduct, so there are certain attitudes that are not going to support us in our spiritual life. If we would enter the stream of expanded consciousness and evolution, then we need to be aware of the spiritual code of conduct. Once on a spiritual path, our evolution is closely linked to the high invisible entities. These entities are ‘turned off’ by certain behaviors. Our evolution is dependent on their help. It would be helpful for us to be aware of the habits that stop us from getting help from them.

We live in a material age. So it is hardly surprising that even our approach to spirituality has become victim to commercialization.



It is always amusing to see new healing modalities or new spiritual approaches being ‘invented’ and the people behind them, duly trademarking their approach to ‘protect’ and copyright the property. Of course this is done because someone wants to commercialize their ‘discovery’ and earn money from their so called property. As if spirituality and healing can be appropriated in this way. Spirituality is based on truth. Spirit is free. Like breathing. Trying to package it into a unique product and then trying to claim it is uniquely ours,clearly goes against the grain of truth.


High spiritual entities have no interest in name or fame. They are totally selfless and go around inspiring and helping without the need for recognition. It is only us humans who look for recognition and celebrity. So, we often find that people involved in the consciousness movement, claim they are receiving messages from beings with exotic sounding names. As if this somehow gives them more authority and authenticity.

PAST LIVES I remember meeting a couple at a Mind, body, spirit exhibition for the first time. Within the first ten minutes I was told that they were soulmates and were on their ‘last’ lifetime. That they would not need to reincarnate again, as they had reached perfection. An obsession with past lives is a distraction from our present life. What’s the point in dining out on our past lifetimes? Our real tests are in the present lifetime.In the here and now.

LIFE IS A BED OF ROSES There is a misconception that we can control life. That if we program the universe, if we employ the law of attraction, we will somehow have an easier life. But if you look at the lives of saints and initiates they all had challenges and tests. Life is a school. We are here to learn. An easy trouble free life is not going to reinforce our character and hammer out the weaknesses in our personality. Leading a spiritual life does not mean that we will automatically get the perfect job, or the beautiful mate. Spiritual living entails submission to the invisible. It involves a giving up all sense of control. These are a few of the ‘turnoffs’ that can prevent spiritual advancement.

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