Bashar Transcripts – Astral Interactions

Q:  Hello.

B:  Hello!

Q:  I have been in the process of becoming aware in my dreams. And recently

in conversation with you, I mentioned to you about a friend of mine, Sandy,

who has recently passed away – about a year and a half ago.

B:  Yes.

Q:  And she, after our conversation, came to me in a dream. And she did in

this dream… I believe I was with somebody else that’s here right behind

me when I asked a question. And we were… we did a healing together; we

did a healing of two people. And Sandy came up to me – we were walking down

the street – and she said: “So, you want to go through the walls of the

house.” And I said: “No, no, wait a minute.” Thinking from a third density

point of view: “You can’t do that.” And she said: “No problem.” And we

walked right through.

And we came upon a woman who had recently lost her child, and who was there

crying and moaning about the baby. There was like a small crib that she was

rocking back and forth. We did a lot of healing for the woman, and then we


And we went to somebody else’s house, and helped to heal them. I saw what I

believed to be large centipedes – or something like that – on the ground,

and was afraid to step on them. She said: “Don’t worry; they won’t hurt

you. They are the things that people draw to them in diseases.”

B:  Yes, thoughts, in a sense.

Q:  Thoughts, right. Thought forms.

B:  Yes.

Q:  And I was afraid. She said: “No, don’t worry about it.”

B:  Oh, you are in the astral realm.

Q:  Yeah.

B:  Nothing can touch you, in that sense.

Q:  I /realized/ that. We were talking up a storm the whole time this was

happening. And then we went out of this guy’s house, and we saw him in a

car. He was to stop somewhere, and it was like an indication of – he was to

stop at a light, and he didn’t – or make a stop. And it was an indication

that he received the healing that we gave to him, and he didn’t stop.

And the next thing I knew is, I felt… I was looking at her, and it felt

like her head, part of her head, was like dissolving, and I was looking

into her brain; and I realized later that that was… and it didn’t scare

me or frighten me or anything. I was just looking at her. It was like she

was showing me something about the impermanence of physical…

B:  Yes.

Q:  … of a physical body – in that that would be the way of communicating

to her, and that it’s not that important.

B:  Yes.

Q:   And then I felt that I swallowed something and woke up, feeling that

she had poked me a couple of times on the right side of my ribs. And that

is as I often describe her in this dream… of us poking one another.

B:  Yes.

Q:  It was astounding and ecstatic, and I was an overjoyed by the whole


B:  Thank you for allowing your physical dream and your non-physical dream

to blend and merge; so that you can live your dreams. You know, many of you

are of quite a bit more assistance than you know, in your dreams, to other

individuals. You all have things that you do; many of you have dream

“jobs,” in a sense. And you – many of you – do go about assisting other

individuals in many different ways.

As you begin to blend these two realms together, the non-physical and the

physical, then all of these different levels – particularly what you call

the astral level, immediately above your physical level – will begin to

materialize into you world. So that interacting with beings on that level

will become quite commonplace; and they will be able to have more

interaction with you.

That /fluid/ communication will create an ability for individuals to not have

to feel they are stuck between on level or another – or fear the symbols

that are created to represent their fears that manifest in those astral

realms. Thank you for having the willingness to go exploring, AND to bring

a bit of where you went back to your own level – more and more blending. We

thank you; that makes a difference on many levels, and allows many more

things to be possible in your society. Enjoy!

Q:  I do. Thank you very much.

B:  Thank you very much! Next time say “hi” for us.

Q:  I will. In fact, I did.

B:  Ah, thank you.

Q:  I asked her if she knew you, and she said she did.

B:  Thank you.

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