Star Faded Away

Michael Jackson was truly beloved son
He is no more among us as person,
History will honor him and vacuum will always be felt
We19a  bow our head with respect but no ice will melt

He had risen from no where with full of energy
Society had nothing to do except to raise bogey
What can they offer at the time death except white coffer?
They have nothing new in their store to offer

We can mark him as one of the greatest
He had new pattern with songs almost newest
Each of them studded with message of love and peace,
As early morning is crowned with cool breeze,

You served as legend and lovely human being,
Shrouded with mystery but spent honest living
Nothing is remembered for bad or good,
Music was your life and energy was served as food,

You survived and ruled the scene as king of kings
Melodies inter woven with chorus to sing,
All songs crowned with fame of jewels and diamond,
World was fascinated as newest star was found

Does the poverty play an important role to shape the destiny?
Is it compelling a `person to rise in revolt and stage the mutiny?
Or is there any way to stage peaceful demonstration?
Prove true to self and rise to the occasion

He lead peaceful march in the filed of music
His voice and dance created a magic
He knew what good music is and it’s basic?
It was only devotion and not any trick

Great musicians and artists meet with tragic end
Fame and name is not accepted in good spirit by friends
They easily fall victims to their treachery and deception
This is very much realized from the inception

World may never have artist of such caliber in coming days
No one may have mastery or innovative ways
It was his masterly stroke that showed new horizons
People pray and adore him only for these reasons19

He may fed away from our memory but not completely lost
So long music remains on earth he will be wanted most
He has enough contribution to the elevation of good music and dance
Everybody has valued his role for the time to come or at once

I salute to soul who has suffered a lot,
He was treasure hidden in pot,
Soul has departed with great pain in the end
He did his best to avoid controversy and tried to mend,

He has died with honor but not that of martyrs
Whole, world wept and shed the tears
How much agony and pain he bore
We have no other option left but simply to adore


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