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Self development books

Seventh Journey – Book 1

Scientist Jacob Cross invents a weapon that creates a bridge between universes. As the corporation he works for uses it against him, a mysterious woman from another dimension may be his only ally.

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Seventh Journey – Book II

Coming Soon in 2014

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A young couple is in a thrill seeking fight for their lives as the world experiences an unknown Blackout. And now their fate is in the hands of a ravenous religious cult, as they scrounge for whatever they can to stay alive.

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Ghost Rings Convergence

When Jonas dies, the adventure of his life truly begins. Through meeting a girl named Clara, Jonas discovers that by using a special ring passed down through his family, he’s able to come back to physical form to help the girl that he loves.

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Ghost Rings Departure

A ghost named William helps Jonas break Clara out of jail and they stay in a cottage hidden in the woods for three days. Jonas is feeling more attracted to Clara and is unable to keep it a secret.

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Ghost Rings Possession

Jonas finds out about William’s true motives from his mother, but Clara doesn’t trust him anymore. William creates a spell and possesses Clara.

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The Personal Mastery System ©

How to take Complete Control of Your Life in 90 Days.

A volume of knowledge that had once been considered the privilege of Masters only, are now available and ready to be accessed by the masses. This book was created to address those sensitive issues that stand against our self-development.

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Responding to Stress: Stress Management in Everyday Life

This book aims to provide easily understandable information about the sources of stress, and simple management techniques.


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Habits and Motivation: Creating Your Path to Success

A practical guide to understanding the roots of motivation and habit development. By tying together key concepts from two very important disciplines, this book provides a means to achieve any realistic result.


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Strategic Time Management

Strategic Time Management is the number one skill you need to learn if you want to become successful. Without developing efficient strategies, you let can yourself be drawn to coincidence.


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Top Selling Author

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Become an Author and Promote Yourself

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