Each time a suggestion is repeated, the impression record on the subconscious mind is made deeper. Repeated suggestion tends to break down the instinctive powers of resistance in a person, unless the person realizes that it is a suggestion and actively resists the impression. Th ere is once a politician of national renown who said “Proof? We don’t need proof! Tell the public a thing solemnly, and authoritatively, and repeat it sufficiently often, and you will never need to prove anything!”

Let some person posing as an authority, or occupying a position of command, calmly state a fallacy, without any “ifs” or “buts,” and many otherwise careful people will accept the suggestion without question unless they analyze it by the light of reason. The confidence man imposes himself upon the public with an air of authority or what is know as “putting up a good front.” Some men are all “front,” and have nothing behind their authoritative air, but that authoritative air provides them with a living.

Whenever you are about to utter something astonishingly false, being with “It is an acknowledged fact”, or “I assert without fear of contradiction”, or “It is generally recognized by the best authorities”, or “The best sources of information agree.” Often there is this variation “As you probably know.” But in many cases, there is not even this kind of preface as the statement is made with a “Thus saith the Lord” manner and is accepted because of the tone and manner accompanying it.

We hold certain fixed ideas not because of any special truth or merit in them, but simply because we once accepted some suggestion about it and have adopted it as our own, and now “swear by it” as if we had thought it out carefully and intelligently, when it isn’t so. In fact the ideas that we fight the hardest for are very likely those that we have accepted by suggestion rather than by having thought it out carefully. That is why we should always reason out every idea that we believe in so that it is really ours.

A man is largely what he is by reason of the suggestions which he has accepted. We say “accepted” rather than “experienced” for one experiences many suggestions which he rejects and refuses to accept. The suggestions that are rejected affect his character only in the way of forming the habit to reject similar suggestions. The suggestions which are accepted become a part of his nature and character, and may be removed only by suggestions of an entirely opposite nature and strong enough.

It is often said that we are the result of what we have thought. It is also true that we our thinking is largely the result of the suggestions we have accepted from the influences around us. It takes a very strong individual to rise above the effect of his environments, and to shake off the prevailing opinions of his associates and to strike out in a new line for himself. Such men are liken to geniuses. The ordinary mortal finds himself unable to do such a thing unless he is inspired to renew his thinking.

Nature has given man a Will to use and order his life and character as he will. By that Will he is able to reject and refuse suggestions which are not conducive to his wellbeing and to accept and welcome suggestions that serve to strengthen and build up his character in the desired way. With the possession of Sovereign Will, he may cast away harmful things and draw to himself those that help and develop him. The will is focus and Man is the master of Suggestion if he uses his will to focus his mind.

We have the right to turn our attention to whichever set of facts and things we desire. There are always two sides to everything and you have the right to choose which side you will gaze upon. No one ever obtained perfect happiness from outside things but many have found it within themselves which is their own consciousness. There is a “something within” each person which is Master of all portions of his being. The measure that this sovereign manifest its power is the degree of the Individuality.

The majority of the people do not recognize that they have this Sovereign Self within them, and so yield themselves without resistance to environment and outside influences. Auto suggestion is how the Sovereign Self mount its mental throne and asserts its might and right to govern. This is how a man becomes master of himself instead of being a slave to environment, circumstances and the influence of others. Auto suggestion is how one make of himself what he will, the Mastery of Self by Self!

Although suggestion can be used in impressing fallacy, it also has its value in imparting truth. A worthy strong person or body of people may impose the knowledge of good upon those not so well informed, so that they will be impressed by it and follow it before their reasons can grasp the “why” of it. If undesirable things result from negative suggestions, then counteract the evil by prohibiting them as much as possible, and transform them by presenting desirable things in an attractive way.

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