Will We be Seeing Superhuman Hearing?
By Chris Capps 5/18/11


Scientists studying the phenomenon of superhuman hearing have discovered that the old trick of hearing better underwater may have some merit – and by developing a tool to make it work even better, they’re suggesting we may be able to hear far beyond our normal range through one simple technique.  What is that technique, and just how much better could we hear?  Both answers may surprise you.

It’s no secret that we can hear sounds outside of our normal range while underwater, but why do our ears seem to pick up things so much more easily under such counter-intuitive circumstances?  The answer is the more solid water which carries the vibrations more efficiently.  Unlike air, which often has a difficult time struggling with the sounds involved, water actually conducts the sound efficiently.  Of course the only thing that conducts sound more efficiently than water is something more solid like rock.  And it’s not just those two that can give a person supernatural hearing.  Many things, in fact, can result in superhuman hearing – but the most profound discovery made yet was discovered from the Naval Medical Research Laboratory by Michael Qin, a scientist studying the effects of different vibrations on the human ear.  Qin suggested that by vibrating a bone within the ear we can actually improve the quality of our hearing profoundly.

When this bone within the ear vibrates it sets up a sort of chaos through which certain sounds – normally out of the range of the human ear – can escape.  After extensive testing, Qin is convinced that within a short period we could actually develop new techniques to give humans super hearing.

And if you’re not sure about the idea of humans actually becoming superhumans, then just remember the stories of the cybernetic enhancements people have already opted to have such as the Eyeborg project

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