Mixed Martial Arts Archive

Making Sense of Self Defense

Martial Arts Training for Real Self-Defense: Making Sense of Chaos by: Jeffrey M. Miller I once had a talk with a student who pointed out the almost insane notion that anyone could think that they could use a preset string of moves (known as ...Read More

A More Reality Based Approach To Martial Arts

No Martial Arts or Self-Defense Technique is Perfect by: Jeffrey M. Miller Far too many people who are training in the martial arts or in a self-defense program – including police and security personnel by-the-way – take for granted that all they have to ...Read More

Training Muay Thai Style

How to Train Muay Thai Style by: Troy Macraft If you have ever wanted to learn Muay Thai? Then you need to keep in mind that your upcoming training will be extremely intensive. Furthermore, some Muay Thai fighters who had previously trained in boxing say ...Read More

Martial Arts – Freedom From Fear

Editor’s Note:  I personally recommend www.whitelotuscombatsystem.com for a very detailed and comprehensive study of similar concepts mentioned below.  White Lotus has a very structured and accessible system to enable adoption of key concepts which will reduce, and/or eliminate fear.  If this article interests you, I ...Read More