Take Control of the Reins of Your Mind

The power that you have in your mind is truly phenomenal,
but like the rest of us, you may have trouble controlling it
at times.

Here is an analogy that illustra etes this perfectly…

Your mind is like a strong, wild horse, powerful but unruly.

In order to tame it, you must take control of the reins,
repeatedly and gently.

You don’t wish to be mean or overly harsh, because you don’t
want to create even more resistance or anger or fear.

You simply need to be firm and consistent…and respectful.

Eventually, this powerful animal will carry you wherever you
wish with just a gentle tug on the reins over which YOU have
total control.


The critical steps to follow are these:

1) Disempower your limiting beliefs by acknowledging them
fully, both at the conscious AND subsconscious levels of

(NOTE: This step is the FIRST one and is the basis for all
subsequent steps.)

2) Once you have discovered the original source of your most
debilitating CORE beliefs, then, and only then, are you free
to challenge their validity.

3) Once you uncover the circumstances surrounding your
erroneous beliefs about your intrinsic worth and value,
you have begun to clear the slate for replacing those
beliefs with new ones of YOUR own choosing.

4) Having chosen which new ideas to implant, you must do so
with dogged persistence.

(NOTE: Once you find a method of feeding your mind that is
workable for your personality and life-style, this is not
such a big deal.)


One very effective means of reprogramming your mind with
empowering ideas of your deservedness and your intrinsic
value is with affirmations.

I know that sometimes people have trouble believing their a
affirmations wholeheartedly.

If you have ever had that trouble, please don’t discount
this technique and give up, but DO change your wording just
slightly so that the affirmation is TOTALLY believable to

Let’s take the following affirmation as an example:


“I am completely financially independent.”


Well, this is certainly a worthy goal, and one that can be

BUT if you have a bunch of “shadow” thoughts popping into
your brain about how bad your present situation is, this
affirmation will backfire on you.


Simply add a phrase such as “in the process of becoming” or
“am on the road to becoming” like this:


“I am now in the process of becoming

completely financially independent.”


Now isn’t that better?

You are still speaking in the present tense, but this time,
your current circumstances don’t come crowding into your
brain to ruin this beautiful thought and all the excited
emotions it brings to life.

THAT’S how you get the power of affirmations on your side.

Present tense, powerful, and absolutely believable and
mentally embraceable.

Totally embraceable. That’s the key. You need to make sure
you can “hug” your affirmation!

Why You Should Be Your Own Private Investigator

Now there are many other ways to go about reprogramming your
fantastic mind (and it IS fantastic beyond belief), but none
of them can be effective if you are canceling them out with
unacknowledged hidden beliefs.

And since you cannot squelch or dominate a thought pattern
of which you are consciously unaware, you might want to
consider being your own Sherlock Holmes.

If you wish to be freed of the compulsion to repeat negative

If you wish to take control of your own thoughts…

If you wish to achieve personal mastery…

Awareness is your strongest ally.

And it resides only in you.

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