Technology, both crude and advanced, is all around you. From the bedroom to the cubical, you not only use technology to help you get through the day, you also depend on it more than you may presently realize. In one sense, technology brings you closer to others than was ever possible in decades past. In another sense, technology erodes your interpersonal skills by making it possible for you to reach out to others without needing to get up close and personal anymore. It is a strange dichotomy that defines how you and millions of others experience this modern way of existing. The following is a glimpse at some ways technology is impacting your life for better or for worse.


The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Businesses are utilizing the power of artificial intelligence to make important, unbiased decisions. This not only affects how a business operates, but it also impacts how you are engaged by these businesses. In some cases, the artificial intelligence has reached a point where you can interact with artificially intelligent computers in retail outlets to help you find products you need. This advancement in technology also makes it possible for you to get information about the products you are interested in as well. On a personal level, it means that soon you may not have to go hunting for a store employee to get help inside a store anymore. An artificially intelligent computer, with the ability to communicate with your smartphone, can guide you precisely where you need to go, and it can even assist you further through this communication link along the way.


Technology Improves the Little Things in Life

Prior to elaborate computer networks, smartphones and WIFI connectivity, your life was far more isolated than it is today. You did not have the convenience of being organized and in charge from the palm of your hand. Today, you can keep in contact with anyone on the globe, you can shop online from the comfort of your couch and if necessary you can call for an Uber driver to get you where you need to go. How you stay organized at work has dramatically changed as all your paper files have been replaced with a more efficient computer database to keep data organized, and any information you need is easily accessible at all times. You can even take a negotiation skills training program course by remote, because technology puts even the little things you take for granted right at your fingertips.


Technology Transforms Who You Are

When you came into this world, you were fully human with ten fingers and ten toes. You were even too young to know anything about the way technology would pervasively impact your life. The role of technology is such that it is encroaching more and more on your humanity itself. Beyond being connected to one another over networks by electronic devices, robots now work inside humans to perform amazing medical procedures. In small ways, humans like you are being transformed as body parts are being replaced with artificial and electronic counterparts. From pacemakers to crude tech-based retinal implants, you live in an age where more and more people are slowly becoming an amalgamation of man and machine. This progression is an inevitable outcome of the progress of technology making its mark on the evolution of society.



The world in which you live is a world of technological advancements and electronic devices. To make it today, you must learn to coexist with the machines as portrayed in old pop culture songs released by Gary Numan just prior to the modern tech boom. Either you will see this challenge as a dystopian reality in which you must begrudgingly cope, or you will receive it as the utopian technological dream you always imagined life should be.


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