Some might say that it is about being honest in business and in life, and while that is a good strategy in itself, I think it goes a little deeper than that.

What does it really mean to images (4)be Authentic?

I once had a Japanese Master say this to me…

The only thing that is real is that which never changes

Now I know that we could banter over this statement for weeks deciding what it actually means, however let’s just run with it for now and use it to our advantage.

Your Authentic Self could be described as ‘that which never changes’ within you, the REAL part of you – your CORE essence.

NICE right! But what the heck does that mean?

Well I believe it is those things that just keep turning up in your life, over and over again.

Things like your passions, what you love, your gifts and talents, what you love to do, and your desire to make a difference in the world, what you want to share!

Why do I believe this is key to your authentic self, well, because they are always present within you, you always seem to have this urge to grow them more, they are unique to just you in your own specific matrix, and they sit close to your heart.

Why don’t I think that your values, your thoughts and your decisions are always authentic? Because these things are programmed into you and they can be consciously changed if you want them to be.

This is why to run an Authentic Business – really and truly – it has to come from your essence, your own specific truth, what some might call your purpose.

And when it does, time and time again, I have seen people tap their money tree!

Now respectfully I understand that this is not as easily accomplished as a 400 word blog could share, none the less it is worth considering.

When we speak of the Super Rich and Successful having tapped their Wealth Code, there is some strategic Authenticity being enveloped through this process.

The good news is this – the true formula to living a RICH life – is to be yourself – who you are is the secret to your money flow.images (3)

On the other hand the hard work – is actually meeting, connecting and working with who this really is – then being able to turn this into something that makes that difference in the world…

Though I am super confident – I know you can do it!

In fact in the words of Buddha – it is the only thing you actually came here to do…

That is the core of my Money Decoding System. Visit I’d love to teach you how you can become attuned to your vibrational energy and how you can then tune into the wealth that you are entitled to. The author of this article, Alisse Bradley is an International Speaker and Prosperity Coach. She specializes in Purpose Powered Business, teaching women simple step by step processes which have them connect with their authentic self, achieve an abundance of health, wealth and success and ultimately experience the freedom they truly desire in their lives.

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