The 5 Best Methods In Healthy Cooking

by: Kathy Smith

You want to get that desired weight for months now, but just don’t know how? Here are the best methods on preparing your home cooked meals and your first step in getting that desired weight by following these easy steps.

It would be impossible if you only decide to try and eat raw food such as vegetables and fruits, there must still be a variety. There are also a lot of ways in healthy cooking without sacrificing the taste and quality of your meals.

BAKING: This is the primary option in making meals. Simply wrap your food using foil to keep food moist & prevent them from drying-out. The dish will also taste a lot better because of this.

BOILING: This is the secondary option especially when cooking fish, boiling would make an excellent choice. Never use oil or butter for your marinades. When you make sauces, use only water as the base of the sauce. When you boil veggies, cook them inside heat-resistant bags in order to avoid water contact, since water usually removes certain nutrients in veggies during the process of boiling. Another alternative would be to utilize a steamer that holds your food on top of boiling water.

GRILLING is the third option. Just make sure to always wrap your food using foil in order to retain their natural juices and to acquire that juicy taste.

MICROWAVING, the fourth option; it works fine for some dishes. Utilize microwave suitable utensils to be able to maximize your microwave food cooking capabilities. Take advantage of those microwave-proof lid containers. Just simply add 1 tbsp of water to the bottom part of your microwave container and this will do wonders when you’re cooking vegetables.

FRYING would be the last option, since this does not come highly recommended, but with some exceptions you may still use this cooking method in achieving healthy home cooked meals. Simply use a small amount of canola oil or olive oil to achieve that strict diet regimen and to meet your targeted weight in no time.

A salad platter.

A salad platter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Discover and study some quick, easy and good for your recipes. Buy ingredients properly. Neglect those foods that have been processed and opt for fresh veggies.

Chef Oliver highly suggests creating salads using a variety of lettuces and adds some carrots or radish to create that crunch.

Create your personalized salad dressing. Chef Oliver‘s recipe includes combining 3 parts of olive-oil into 1 part of red wine vinegar or lemon juice, then add some pepper and salt, shake the ingredients inside a jar, as easy and simple as that to create a tasty salad dressing.

Recipe for cooking really Healthy French-Fries

Slice the potatoes thinly then toss in some olive-oil, pepper and salt. Bake them using a foil covered cookie-sheet at about 220C (425F) and toss them within 15 minute intervals. When the 45 minutes are done, turn the oven up to 235C (450F) for about 5 minutes until you see that the fries look golden brown (make sure that they won’t burn). Serve the fries with some organic ketchup.

There are a lot of healthy cooking recipes available, simply search online for some weight-loss recipes. Definitely you’ll be able to find tons of ideas that you may adapt or use to suit your needs, and then you can make up your own best methods in cooking really healthy food.


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