The 5 Keys to Executive Every Action for Success

By Sariyd Feliciano 

Want to succeed as an entrepreneur? Want to succeed at making money online? As a parent? In your spiritual life? Want to transform your way of being, seeing, and operating in the world?

To succeed, excel, gain mastery, or get started in any area of your life you must take action. In spite of your fear, insecurities, challenges, or lack of resources you must take action.

However, there is the kind of action that produces the desired results (executive action), and then there is the kind of action that amounts to inaction.


executive2Thinking won’t do it. Thinking about it certainly won’t do it. Reading about it won’t do it. Taking classes won’t. Planning won’t do it either.

Your success might start with any of these, and each of them is a necessary kind of action to take, when necessary, but without executive action it will not happen. Period.

What is executive action? Executive action is action that is suited and effective for reaching your goals.

I’ve seen too many cases of people making preparation, doing research, creating plans, and talking about what they’re going to do to pursue a goal, like start a business or lose weight, for example, only to see the whole endeavor fizzle and dissolve. And then it’s never mentioned again, until the next big thing.

I’ve done it myself. I know what that’s like. It ain’t fun.

Action – consistent, focused action, i.e., executive action – is what makes it happen.

Try staring at a pen and use all your mental powers to cause that pen to come to your hand. The pen won’t budge.

Stare at your screen (or your blank sheet of paper) and will the words to appear on the blank space. The screen stays blank.

Stare in the mirror and visualize your body perfectly muscular and tight (assuming it’s not). Stare at it for 12 hours a day. Still out of shape.

Mental powers, will, and visualization are great, however, without executive action they amount to nothing.

So what are the keys to executive action?

The 5 Keys To Executive Action

1) Take only one step at a time – Take the first step and focus only on the first step. Then, when that step is completed, take the second step with complete focus. If you focus on the whole journey/process, it can be easy to get discouraged. It’s like eating a watermelon – sure it’s huge but you eat the whole thing one bite at a time.

2) Don’t wait ’til your fear is gone – I once heard a war veteran say that fear is constantly with you and if the fear paralyzes you, you’re a dead man. But if you keep moving, execute your orders, you have a fighting chance. It’s no different as you pursue your goal. Action keeps the fear on the sidelines, not front and center.executive1

3) When you act, keep your vision in mind – This is powerful. The human mind is a goal-striving machine, much like guided missiles. Guided missiles have a target programmed into them and when they are launched they head for the target. As the missile flies toward the target it is constantly going off-course and corrects itself as it moves forward until it strikes its target. The missile ‘sees’ its programmed target the entire time and this is how it corrects itself. Keeping your vision/goal in mind as you act guides and empowers your actions all the way to success.

4) Stay in action – When you ride a 2-wheeled bicycle you must stay in motion to maintain your balance. Once you stop your forward motion, you lose your balance and fall over. Same thing with working toward your goal. You must stay in action to keep the drive toward success going. Stop and you are sure to ‘fall’ or fail.

5) Remain in action, don’t just stay busy – There’s a big difference between staying busy and remaining in (executive) action. Actions are focused efforts toward your goal; staying busy is unfocused acts with no real goal or purpose. Actions are according to plan; staying busy has no plan. Actions are about progress; staying busy is about feeling as if you are making progress. Actions are focused; staying busy is scattered.

Again, you must take executive action – consistent, focused action that does not end until you reach your goal.

Then you can rest… until the next action toward the next goal is called for.

It’s all about advancing and experiencing yourself as an empowered, creative Being.

I offer transformational/performance coaching, spiritual mentoring, and income opportunities to inspire and empower people to lead prosperous, fulfilling lives at all levels.

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