The 7 Directions

Our mundane reality says that we have four compass directions that guide our physical travels – north, south, east, and west. Yet our spiritual reality offers seven directions that guide our energetic path, offering us energies that assist us in manifesting the life we want or show us limitation for our own good. The seven spiritual directions are North-Earth, South-Fire, East-Air, West-Water, Above, Below, and Within.

Let’s take a closer look at tbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb hese spiritual directions and how they can best be used to further our purpose in this lifetime.

North-Earth – Ground yourself with the element of Earth and understand the physical and material aspects of the world. This is the realm of abundance, wealth, health, and prosperity. Earth carries with it a sense of dependability and stability. Earth’s colors include green, black, and brown, symbolizing nature and groundedness.

Earth is the element associated with Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo. Its energy is receptive and it is associated with the compass direction of North. It is connected with all things practical and wise. Caves, canyons, forests, and groves are harbingers of Earth energy. Earth’s vibrations also extend into the home, providing comfort and nourishment. Salt and/or the pentacle are the altar symbols for Earth.

East-Air – Let your spirit take flight with the element of Air and explore the intellect and the rational mind. It is the realm of thought and allows movement and change. Air has projective energy that inspires us to move beyond our current state of being. The colors of Air include yellow and pastels symbolizing learning, harmony, breath, knowledge, memory, understanding, and youth. It is the element associated with Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Air is connected to the direction of East, a place of new beginnings. The athame or sword is the magickal tool associated with Air. Mountaintops, cloudy skies, and windy beaches are places where the vibration of Air lives. Incense is the altar symbol for Air.

South-Fire – Feel the flame inside of you with the element of Fire by gaining understanding of the masculine principle and the energy of the will. Fire is an ancient form of divinity and a symbol of Spirit. Fire purifies and transforms; it creates and destroys. It is a powerful force that releases energy through combustion. Fire is a motivating force that propels us. The element of Fire aids in survival by illuminating physical darkness and providing heat. Fire enlightens and is symbolic of the divine light within us. Fire is associated with the direction of South. The wand is the magickal implement connected with fire and gives messages regarding work, skills, and initiative. Fire’s colors include red and orange, symbolizing heat, passion, energy, courage, strength, and vitality. Fire is the element associated with Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Places associated with Fire are deserts, volcanoes, and ovens. On the altar, a candle flame represents the element of Fire.

West-Water – Submerge yourself in the element of Water. Dive into the world of the feminine principle, emotions, psychic ability, dreams, and intuition. Water is a passive element with magnetic qualities, able to receive and hold energetic vibrations. Water cleanses and flows, gives life, and is capable of destruction. It releases energy through evaporation. It is a powerful force, which can put out fire and cover the earth. It is an inspirational force that causes us to reflect, ponder, and create. The element of Water is necessary for survival. The fluid nature of Water encourages us to accept diversity and open to new experiences. It can be tranquil or rough and so represents emotions and moods.

Water is associated with the direction of West. The chalice is the magickal implement connected with water and gives messages regarding love, happiness, and what will be received. Water’s colors include blue, purple, and white, symbolizing purity, psychic ability, cleansing, and healing. Places to experience this element include well, lakes, ponds, rivers, beaches, and the ocean. Water is the elebbbbbbbbbbbment associated with Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. On the altar, it is represented by a cup or chalice.

Above – This is where we connect with Spirit and co-create our lives. Above is where we receive spiritual abundance and the ability to manifest our desires. Spirit signifies the energy known as God, Universal Life Force, or The Source of All That Is. The Source has no gender, no malice, no love, and no impetus of Its own. Spirit resides within all living and inanimate things, connecting all beings and things together so that each impact the other. Every person, creature, and plant on the planet, makes Its fabric ripple and change with each energetic impact. We can imprint upon it our hopes and dreams, hatred and anger, desires and goals. Each person chooses to brighten the pool with positive thoughts and actions or to pollute it with hatred and fear. We have the power to raise the vibration of the planet to increase harmony and peace or diminish it to an unmatched state of war and hate. The attitude of the energy is neutral, having no attachment to outcomes, nor directing activity. Its nature changes as the beings that interact with it change.

Below – The realm below is the place of grounding, stability, and nourishment. Grounding is a means of attaching your energy to the Universe and to the Earth. By creating a connection both above and below, a conduit forms, allowing a steady stream of energy to flow through you. In this way, positive energy flows in from the heavens and negativity flows into the ground. To attach to both is to know an intimate relationship with the Universal Energy, while experiencing an extraordinary relationship with the planet. It is not always necessary to ground in both directions. High intensity situations require that you ground mainly to the earth; to do so stabilizes emotions and evens out extreme bursts of energy.

Within – This is the realm of self-mastery, self-knowledge, self-discipline, and self-control. It is from within that we foster and direct our power –or choose to give it away. Our reality begins within us and projects the life we live onto the external world. To change the way we live, the shift must come from within. We experience the depth of human experience that includes all of the other realms from within. It is here that North, South, East, West, Above, and Below come together and interact in ways that teach, drive, motivate, dispel, and empower. For those who need grounding or who have little to no self-awareness, the intensity of these interactions serves only to overwhelm. The depth in which we can go within allows us to learn about ourselves through the present lifetime and continue that learning in subsequent lifetimes.

Being aware of and using the energies of all the directions is key to understanding the Self, your life purpose, and place in the Universe.

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