The Seven- Step Formula to Financial Abundance
by: Clavin Woon


Many people have posed this question to me, ‘What does it take to become a self made millionaire?’ You might be wondering if there is a formula for wealth creation and to attain financial abundance. The actual fact is, if you were to do an in depth study of how self made millionaires think and act, you can indeed find a similarity in the steps they took to amass their fortune. Therefore, let me introduce you to the Seven- step formula to attaining financial abundance.

Step 1: Adopt the Million- Dollar Mindset

The very first step one should take towards financial abundance is to adopt the million- dollar mindset. In other words, you have got to adopt the mindset of a millionaire. Even though you may not be a millionaire yet, however in order to become one, you’ve got to think like one. So what is so different about the million- dollar mindset? Millionaires adopt a totally different set of beliefs and habits that enable them to view setbacks and failures differently from the average person. Amidst all the unfavorable circumstances, they are able to spot opportunities and gain valuable learning experiences. Hence, you have to first adopt the same beliefs and habits in order to open your eyes to the abundance of money- making opportunities around you.

Step 2: Set Specific & Exciting Financial Goals

One important fact that many people fail to realize is that wealth and success rarely happens by chance. The most successful and wealthy people all began with a clear financial goal and they had personally visualize themselves becoming rich one day. Despite so, most people fail to set clear financial goals.

What I mean by a clear financial goal is not merely one like ‘Earn as much money as possible’. People who set vague goals like this will never achieve any level of wealth simply because they themselves have completely no idea as to how much wealth they want to achieve. Unless you have a specific figure to focus on, you will never be able to develop a specific strategy and action plan to achieve it.

For example, if your goal is to earn $200,000 a year, what would your strategy be? You could well achieve this by being promoted to a senior management position. But what if you wanted to earn $2 million a year? Would the strategy be different? Of course. You probably have to own your own company or go into investing. Therefore, only when you have a very clear idea of how much wealth you want to create, then will you be able to come up with a comprehensive plan to achieve it.

Step 3: Develop a Specific Strategy and Financial Plan

After you have set specific financial targets of how much wealth you want to accumulate, you must then come up with a comprehensive and effective plan to achieve your goals. Regardless of how ambitious and exciting your financial goals may be, they are merely pipe dreams until you develop a plan to turn your dreams into reality. Hence, your action plan must be clear and concise in order to lead them towards your goals.

For example, if your goal is to double your income to $200,000 a year, you must develop a concrete plan as to how you will create additional revenue streams to your current streams of income.

Therefore, it is extremely vital for you to take responsibility and spend the time and effort to craft a action plan for you to achieve your financial goals.

Step 4: Massively Increase Your Income

It is inevitable that most people will initially feel disheartened after they have developed their financial plan. This is the time when most people look at their plan and realize that with the amount they are earning and saving right now, it will take decades before they are able to achieve their financial goals.

Nonetheless, do not fret as you can learn exactly how to accelerate and turbo- charge your financial plan by taking steps to massively increase your income. And I certainly do not mean to merely increase your income by 10 % or 20%, but rather doubling, tripling or even increasing your income by 10 times. All it takes is to learn the proven methods that tons of people have used to create multiple streams of income for themselves.

Step 5: Manage Your Money & Reduce Your Expenses

So does it mean that once you learn to massively increase your income, you will achieve financial abundance? The answer is definitely not! Many people fail to realize increasing income is only one side of the equation. There are people who earn $200,000 a year but yet are perpetually broke. On the other hand, you can earn only 50,000 a year but yet be more wealthy than someone who earns $200,000.

This is because no matter how much you earn, if you do not learn to curb your expenses, you will always end up spending most of your income. Conversely, if you manage your money properly, you will be able to accumulate your wealth much more effectively. Therefore, always remember the fact that financial abundance is not achieved based on how much you earn but rather how much you are able to save and invest out of your income.

Step 6: Grow Your Money at Millionaire Returns

So after you’ve learnt proper money management and to reduce your expenses, you must then learn to use the surplus funds to help you achieve financial abundance. You must understand that no matter how hard you work and save, financial abundance can only be achieved when you learn how to make money work for you. In other words, you need to let your money compound into huge returns over time.

Most self made millionaires are to accumulate so much wealth because they attribute a huge part of their wealth to their investments. Hence, you must learn the art of letting your money make money for you in order to accumulate massive wealth.

Step 7: Protect Your Fortune

And finally, we’ve come to the last step. Once you’ve built a fortune for yourself, you must then learn how to protect it. There are many people who taken decades to build their fortune only to see it wiped out by unforeseen circumstances so you must be careful not to end up in their shoes. For optimal and maximum protection, you have to engage professionals like insurance advisors and lawyers so as to build a financial fortress around your wealth.

And so, there you have it. The 7 Steps to lead you towards financial abundance. Bear in mind though, this is just a brief overview of the 7 steps you need to take in order to achieve financial abundance. In order to study each step in greater depth, you need a practical, powerful and comprehensive wealth creation programme. To learn more about how you can create, manage, multiply and enjoy your money, visit

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