When The Student is Ready, The Teacher Will Come

The Angel Inside, by Chris Widener.

How m bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbany times did you hear this saying and somehow thought you can prove this theory wrong. Well, I am a master, no I was a master of trying to beat the odds, bend the rules, and outsmart the world for a long time now. My thoughts were, since I have been sent to Earth, and I always felt there must have been a reason, I needed to “fix” it. No, it does not work like that. As we only can affect a little area of the time and space, thinking that I could have accomplished the work of Source, whom I elected to call Good, was – if nothing else – egoistic and infantile.

I like reading Chris’s books for two reasons. First, he carries on the teachings of my idol, Mr. Jim Rohn and second – I love his style. Everything he writes feels like a breeze. While reading The Angel Inside, I was in Italy, I felt the breeze, I smelled the food and the flowers, I saw the atmosphere and the spirit of the moment. No, I never went to Italy (yet) but the picture of a young man looking for answers to his life questions woke up my imagination. I saw the ancient ruins, laid back European life style, warm and colorful fields of Italy. I felt that proximity of Thomas’ (main character) to the past will help him understand the law of nature more than the busy streets of America.

The book represents a short story with a monumental, long-lasting and profound meaning, which I will try to bring up here. It will serve no justice to the book or the author, but I hope it will make you pick up the book and dive into the learning and indulge yourself in the mastery of life. Or maybe you will also decide to visit this hub of culture, Italy?

There is an Angel Inside of everyone. Just as a side note, there is size six in everyone, so for those who need help, find a parallel route and go for it. Every person has all what one needs in life. We brought it with us. What is important is the realization of our education day in day out. And I am not talking about a formal education. I am talking about listening with and to your heart and asking yourself – how will this day change my life?

A young student visiting Italy meets by chance a man who gives him life lessons.

1. Man looks on the outside, God looks on the inside. What are you good at? How do you use it?

2. You have the power to follow your passion. Do you follow your passion or do what others expect you to do? Create a life you desire. Your passion will lead you to success.

3. Be confident. If you wish to achieve, demonstrate confidence (self-faith).

4. Beauty is in the details. If you work in the area of your passion you work out the details, otherwise you don’t care and ignore details.

5. Your hand creates what your mind conceives. People live in either mind or hand world. True accomplishment requires both.

6. Planning is important. Move fast, but not too fast to and do allow for preparation.ccccccc

7. Action is a beginning of accomplishment. Every success starts with one swift swing.

Nothing happens overnight. Each process requires certain steps which Chris describes as chipping away, sculpturing, sanding and polishing. Success takes time. Find passion, Give it time. Life is a process and progress. One cannot just jump over, skip steps. Whatever you do, look at the nature. We are part of the nature. It takes four seasons to complete the nature life cycle, it takes nine months to develop a fetus. What makes us think we can do it better and quicker?

Enjoy the reading!

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