The Citizen’s Revolution: The End of Banking, Business and Politics As We Know It

By Michael C. James

A revolution is on the way. People are fed up. In the midst of  economic strife across the Western world, millions are being forced to accept the loss of their jobs, businesses, homes and living standards, as punishment for the greed and excesses of the banking and investment community on our planet. And yet what has happened to those who perpetrated the crime of screwing up the world of finance for everyone?



Why are the bankers and investors not in prison?

You might expect that prisons would be filling up now with individuals who stuffed their pockets at the expense of their fellow citizens, but no, they still carry on much as before: out of sight, anonymous and not being held accountable for their actions.

So why are governments and police not tracking them down, exposing them and charging them with crimes?

Well the grim truth is that this kind of devious mass theft of public wealth has been pretty much legalized across the world. But not only that. The deafening silence on this subject from the media and government must mean that the rabbit hole must go very deep, probably implicating far too many people in present-day, responsible positions…

Those who have profited from the economic crisis are likely to be great in number and in all walks of society, including those in government. What investments were in their portfolios before the crash of the banks we might ask? Are those same individuals who are drafting policies now for austerity upon their fellow citizens, actually partly to blame themselves for making the dodgy investments that caused the crisis?

Well, following the world’s financial collapse over the last few years, it is clear now to everyone on the planet that it simply doesn’t matter to those who own and run our world – if they can make money by creating and then profiting from economic depression, causing a nation to collapse, or even by starting a war, then it will happen and will continue to happen as long as the world continues to be run as it is. Morals, decency, ethics, human rights all go flying out of the window when money starts to talk.

Time to change the world

So it’s time for a change. Real change. Not the empty, glib, vacuous proclamations for made by political leaders as they seek re-election, but deep, profound, earth-shaking change to alter the misguided and immoral basis upon which our world has for far too long suffered.

Consider that 80% of the world’s wealth is owned by 2% of its population. There is enough money in the world for every citizen to have a yearly income of $30,000 and yet we allow 20,000 of our children to die of starvation every day on our Earth. Statistics like these shame our planet and any claims we make to be an advanced civilization…

But, if our leaders are too weak-willed to do anything about it, who will make the real changes that are necessary? Must it be left to the people to imagine and deliver a new world of hope and action? And has it already begun?


Indeed it has…


‘People power’ is gaining ground rapidly. The birth of international, internet democracy as powered by Avaaz show how people can come together and overturn corrupt policies from politicians, money men and corporate power elites. 14 million people have joined Avaaz.


Private banks that once had the monopoly and exclusive power to loan money are now being challenged by new concepts such as Zopa, where people who have spare money lend it directly to people who want to borrow it. Called ‘peer-to-peer lending’, it cuts out the banks completely.

Investment strategies and secrets once the exclusive domain of the super-rich, have now been blown open for the public to act upon to secure their own financial futures, one such being the Elevation Group, where people with specialized expertise get together and pool their knowledge for the benefit of all.

The arts

The music business, rapidly changing to create an even playing field, where bloated record companies that only invested in a small number of artists, consequently shutting out the vast numbers of talented musicians on the planet, have now seen their control of the market shrink as independent artists now promote their own music via the internet and distribute it digitally worldwide through prominent retail channels such as Amazon and itunes.

Also in the book world, publishers with limited budgets and vision are being side-stepped as authors now promote and distribute their own books independently through Amazon Kindle.


And not least, knowledge concerning the deeper workings of the human mind – awareness that used to be passed down through the centuries only by way of secret, mystical orders populated by the elite and the rich – has now been passed on to everyone by way of such phenomenally successful projects as “The Secret” allowing millions to have the opportunity to bring great success, happiness, fulfilment and financial abundance to their lives that was once only the preserve of the few.

The final message

Even though multi-national corporations and institutions still control the major established media and business channels worldwide, their traditional income streams are experiencing falling sales. This means the writing is on the wall, and step by step we have already begun to change our world into a fairer, more just and balanced society.

In the final event, necessity is the mother of invention. History shows that if you try to suppress and restrict a person’s life, creativity and freedom, he or she will eventually wake up, resist and throw off the act of supression and find a way instead to thrive. The human race will not be shackled by enforced limitation and stagnation. For, as nature intends, life will always find a way.

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