”My message is always the same: to cultivate and practice love, kindness, compassion and tolerance.’

The Dalai Lama

Cultivate and Practice Concrete Acts of Caring

The message doesn’t download (3)get simpler than this–cultivate and practice:


The words–cultivate and practice–connote on-going processes–ones you nurture, foster, and commit to daily.

You cultivate the things you want to grow, and you practice the things you want to master.

When you look within yourself:

* Do you find your self-talk resulting in concrete acts of caring towards yourself and others?

* Or do you find yourself nursing past hurts and looking at others with envy, simmering anger, and an intolerance causing you to withdraw from, or lash out at, others?

While you may claim you want to live your life with love, kindness, compassion and tolerance only you know the truth of how miserably you fail to be led by them on a daily basis. If you truly want love, kindness, compassion and tolerance in your life, commit to consciously cultivate and practice concrete acts of caring.

Charity Begins at Home

My mother used to say, Charity begins at home. She understood if we are to sustain charitable thoughts and actions towards others we must begin by building a solid foundation at home–or within ourselves.

It is difficult to be kind and compassionate towards others if you’re critical, judgmental and un-attentive towards yourself. When you fail to spend time taking care of yourself or participating in activities that make you feel good about yourself, you grow to resent others as you grow to feel worse about yourself.

Begin to cultivate and practice love, kindness, compassion and tolerance towards others by first cultivating and practicing these things on yourself. Once you’ve created an emotionally stable and secure core within you, you will find it natural to reach out to those around you compassionately.download (5)

Demonstrate Self-Love Daily: Concrete Acts of Self Care

Daily Self-Assessment— When you wake up check where your attention goes. Check: Did I begin with kind, compassionate thoughts– or did I find myself going down the path of envy, anger, fear, and frustration?

Daily Focus–What are the ways in which I can show myself love, kindness, compassion and tolerance today? What do I want to grow and master within myself?

Daily Self Care Activities–What are the things I wish someone else would come in and take care of for me today? I will take care of these things for myself. I will be kind to myself by taking action on the things that make me feel good about myself.

Daily Self-Talk Activities–What are the things I wish someone else would say to me today? I will say these things to myself, and then I will reach out to others with concrete messages of love, kindness, compassion and tolerance.

‘I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless– as it extends into the world around us– it goes an equal distance into the world within.’

Lillian Smith

Do you need help cultivating a more compassionate and productive attitude towards yourself and others? For more than 30 years, Susan Meyerott has been helping people lighten up and step over invisible barriers to change one step at a time. She speaks to your heart, puts you at ease, and makes changing easier than ever before. Contact Susan @

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