The Four Power Levers of Network Marketing That Can Propel Your Home Business Success

What is network marketing becoming such a mighty force in the home business industry?

Even Robert Kiyosaki, despite never before been involved in any networking marketing business, explained passionately in “Rich Dad’s The Business School – For People Who Like Helping People” why he thinks that network marketing is a great business, especially for the small and home businesses.

In this article, I have extracted four of the eleven core values of network marketing detailed in the book, which I believe are the Four Power Levers that level the playing field for resource-scarce home business owners to propel their business success.

1. True Equal Opportunity

Network marketing business has an open door policy in which everyone can join with a shoestring start-up capital.

It is a double-edged sword in a certain way. While great business opportunities are made available to serious and determined entrepreneurs, they have also inevitably invited the get-rich-quick dreamers, hustlers, wannabes and even con artists. The good thing is, as the industry matures and evolves, only those with the right business ethics will prevail while others will be self-eliminated in the process.

For anyone determined and willing to put in hard work to reach their dreams, the network marketing business offers an unparalleled wealth-building opportunity. As Robert Kiyosaki said it eloquently: “The network marketing system, a system I often called a personal franchise or an invisible big business network, is a very democratic way of wealth creation“.

2. Life-Changing Business Education

While most people assess the business opportunity based on how attractive the compensation plan is or how good the products are, the real value of a network marketing business is the business education that it offers.

Network marketing companies provide one of the best real-life business training that values more than a thousand-fold of its start-up fee. Real-life business skills are not the skills that you can learn in school. It includes:

  • The right attitude of success
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • People skills
  • Self-mastery over fear, self-doubts, and lack of self-confidence.
  • Handling the fear of rejection.
  • Money management skills
  • In thvesting skills
  • Time management skills
  • Self-motivation and goal-setting

While traditional education teaches technical and cognitive skills to prepare one to be a great technician and find job security (supposedly but no longer true), real-life business skills are crucial for building business success and achieve life freedom.

For a long time, traditional education systems have been criticized for inculcating the wrong values to children: The fear of making mistakes and suffering from failure. This is perhaps the most prevailing epidemic that have paralyzed many well-trained technicians from achieving real success and finding freedom.

3. Mutually Supportive Partners

In the corporate world, opportunities are in huge demand but limited supply.

Often, the corporate organization structure looks typically like a pyramid – it gets narrower as one moves higher up. Acts of animal-styled survival instinct are seen in the corporate environment everyday. People simply have to fight for opportunities to get promoted (in good times) or just for survival (in bad times like now). It is a zero-sum game, and the winners take it all.

In network marketing business, your success is intimately linked to the success of your uplines. The same is true of your downlines. It is a system that nurtures mutual support – everyone in your business encourages and supports one another to succeed in the venture because everyone has a stake in it. This kind of collaborative power creates huge leverage for your business success.

4. The Value Of A Network

According to Metcalf’s Law, as defined by Robert Metcalf (Founder of 3Com Corp and credited as one of the people who created the Ethernet): A Network’s Economic Value = No. of Users

Today, major corporations like Citibank, AOL Time Turner and Berkshire Hathaway have engaged network marketing as part of the business strategies.

Network marketing is the best franchise business in the Information Age. It is “the business model” whose the time has come. It is built with information and knowledge, rather than land, factory and huge capital. Anyone can leverage on the power odcf network to build a successful network marketing business. It is truly a system that democratizes wealth creation.

Jordan Cheng is an established consultant in small business home business consulting. If you are planning to start your first home business, go to: [] to find out how to take advantage of the home business opportunities to create financial security.

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