The Gift of Spirit

by Lynn Claridge

Using your psychic ability helps you open your mind to a different way of life and to different experiences.

When you heighten your psychic and spiritual consciousness, it enables you to develop a greater and closer link, with your guides and loved ones. It also helps you to understand your psychic messages, this will then demonstrate proof of survival, identify existing conditions or suggest beneficial directions for pathways to follow.

Your intellectual and emotion self seem alike yet they are all extraordinarily different. This is also the case with your psychic consciousness levels. Every individual will use and operate on different levels of physical, spiritual and psychic awareness.

To become a Clairvoyant (to see) or a Clairaudient (to hear) can happen very quickly or it can take a long time. It can take some people many years, this is due to two main reasons, firstly, trusting the world of spirit and secondly, the amount of work you have to put in where the trusting bond is concerned. The trusting bond has to be 100% from you to spirit and not from spirit to you. Some people can achieve the trusting bond with their own spirit guides within a few months were others can take a few years. Do not be discouraged stay with it and see it change you life.


Clairvoyance or Clairaudience is not always handed down through the family blood line.
Some people have this gift from childhood and some have this gift a little later in life. The popular question is; can anyone become a clairvoyant? The answer is YES but only if you want to put in the time and effort.

Learning meditation, relaxation and visualization is an important part. Now hang on a minute do not say it “I cannot do this because I cannot relax”. By the time you have practiced and mastered this you will want to spend most of your time meditating. You will be able to empty your mind and whilst you are doing this, you will begin to understand about the wonderful world of spirit.

The spirit world has so much to offer. Once you accept and have awareness ofthe spirit world, your guides will draw nearer to you. You will “tune in”, allowing you to loss those often troubling, mundane thoughts of everyday conscious life. You will start to achieve mental relaxation and freedom from the stresses of your everyday life. This is not achieved at once and varies from individual to individual. Your psychic gift can vary in nature; it all depends on the individual. All that matters is that you will be able to develop spiritually; your psychic progress will become heightened the more you accept and understand about letting go of the physical consciousness and its influences upon you.


Understanding your physical consciousness will help you to become more and more physically and consciously tuned in and become at one with your guides. With practice and perseverance you will grown, become in tune with your ability and it will become second nature to you. You will feel your guide and love ones drawing near and you will start to reach out with your psychic arm, psychically touching others. This can show you how wonderful the pathway for your spiritual growth can be.

By only using your mind, the mind that is part of the spirit and not of the physical brain. Your guides and spirit friends will be in attendants. Even if you are not aware of their presence, they are there. As you become more aware of the way that your life works you will be able to use this potential and use your ability to tap into and find a contact with your own higher self.


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