-The Fully Engaged Person of Tomorrow. We have harnessed much of the physical world. The age is now at hand to harness the energies of the mind put them at the service of humanity. Are you fully equipped to take a valiant part in that work?

-The Cost of Mental Wasteimages

The greatest of all eras is at hand! Are you increasing your fitness to appreciate it and take part in it, or are you merely passing your time away?

Notice for a week the incidents of your daily life–your methods of work, habits of thought, modes of recreation. You will most likely discover a waste in your present random methods of operation.

How much energy do you suppose you annually dump into the scrap-heap of wasted effort? What does this mean to you in dollars and cents? In conscious usefulness? In peace and happiness? In productivity?

Fear not…you have all the abilities necessary to change, grow and create a better version of your life. This is what the Law of Attraction is about.

-The Means to Notable Achievement

Individual mental efficiency and focus is an absolute prerequisite to any notable personal achievement or any great individual success. Your mental energies are the forces with which you wage your battles in this world. Are you prepared to direct and deploy these forces with masterful control and strategic skill? Are you prepared to use all your reserves of mental energy in the development of your personal and professional life?

A Mighty and Intelligent Power resides within you. Its marvelous resources are just now coming to be recognized.

Recent scientific research has revealed, beyond the world of the senses and beyond the domain of consciousness, a wide and, to some, hidden realm of human energies and resources. You may very well be unconscious of the powers of the mind whose marvelous breadth and depth and power have been revealed to the world by scientific experiment and spiritual exploration. You have at your command mental powers of which you have never before dreamed. It is well worth your time and effort to explore, learn and develop these talents in yourself.


-“You” as a Business Corporation

As a productive being you are a kind of one-person business corporation made up of two departments, the mental and the phyindexsical.

Your mind is the executive office of this personal corporation, its directing “head.” Your body is the corporation’s “production facility.” Your Eyes and ears, sight and smell and touch, hands and feet–these are the implements, the equipment.

Acquiring mastery of the “head” of your corporation and the power available to you will help you meet the practical problems of your life in such a way that success will be swift and certain. Success starts with your mind and thoughts and the feelings that they create.

-Business and Activity

First of all you should accept and believe two well-settled and fundamental laws.

1. All human achievement comes about through bodily activity. In other words, we must all take action!

2. All bodily activity is caused, controlled and directed by the mind.

Give the first of these propositions but a moment’s thought. You can conceive of no form of accomplishment which is not the result of some kind of physical activity. One would say that the master works of poetry, art, philosophy, religion, are products of human effort furthest removed from the material side of life, yet even these would have been lost in the minds conceiving them had they not found transmission and expression through some form of bodily activity. You will agree, therefore, that the first of these propositions is so self-evident as to not require formal proof.

The second proposition is not so easily accepted by some!

-The Enslaved Brain

Remember, when we say “mind,” we are not thinking of the brain. The brain is but one of the organs of the body, and, by the terms of our proposition as stated, is as much the slave of the mind as is any other organ of the body. To say that the mind controls the body presupposes that mind and body are distinct entities, the one belonging to a spiritual world, the other to a world of matter.

That the mind is master of the body is a settled principle of science. But we realize that its acceptance may require you to lay aside some preconceived prejudices. You may know many people who believe that the mind is nothing more or less than brain activity.

-First Step Toward Self-Realization

To have any success with “Manifestation” and “The Law of Attraction” we have to accept the conclusion that our thoughts control our physical experience. It is the basis of success in creating everything we can possibly desire.

By Lucretia Torva. I am a freelance artist painting murals, portraits and faux finishes in the Southwest. I am also an aspiring internet marketer. I have been interested in the Law of Attraction since first seeing The Secret about a year ago. Learning to allow my positive feelings to really grow has been the key to my success with manifesting my desires. Check out my site: [http://www.CashFlowAttract.com]

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