The Law of Attraction Indicates You Have Always Gotten Your Expectations

by Leon Cautillo

Do you expect good things will happen to you today? Is it your expectation that business will be better today than it was yesterday? Do you expect your batting average will be 50 points higher than last season? Do you expect he or she will show an interest in you? Is it your expectation that your long time physical ailment will clear up on its own? These can be serious questions to many people. No doubt you can come up with your own. I am here to re-affirm that if you learn to alter your expectation about even the bigger things in your life, you will gain new mastery in it.

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For the most part we are unconscious to exactly what our expectations are. Most of what occurs in our life is not even considered something we have an expectation about and there seems to be no reason to think otherwise. But when you realize that an expectation is an asking for and you really get it, you begin to see that changing your expectation will indeed alter what shows up in your life. You will recognize that if you expect things will turn out pretty much today as they have in the past, guess what? The question is no longer why but how do I alter my expectation.

Of course for most, understanding how it is that what is asked for, what is desired is given, can be difficult. With sufficient understanding of how the universe works, by looking at the tendencies of the Law of Attraction, you will come to see quite clearly that every thought you imagine comes to you instantaneously. But there is a delay in the manifestation because there are many things you are asking for in contrast to what it is you want. You will say in one breath, ‘I desire to smash a home run’ and in the next breath you’ll entertain the thought ‘I can’t do that’. Far more attention is given to what we believe that limits us than to what empowers us. Hence some athletes do better statistically than others.

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All probability is grounded in expectations. Why do some people seem to be ‘luckier’ than others? Why can some people eat more than others and never gain weight? Metabolism is a result taken on by the body after it has been convinced about what eating ‘too’ much food would do. The child with the apparent quality of genius is a function of what he or she has come to believe about how smart they are. We all expect what we believe is the case. We look for what we expect to find. And we do. We expect the flip of a coin to come up heads about half the time, and it does. The person who believes she is lucky will believe however that the next toss will come up in her favor.

If you were asked what your expectations for tomorrow were, would you be readily able to say? The range of what we assume to be the likely probabilities for things vary tremendously. For instance, the sun will rise today is an expectation as universally agreed upon as you could find, not much possibility there. You will not meet the love of your life today more than likely for most is almost as strong. Not true for some however, as there is a much higher degree of hope and their expectation gives them far greater possibility of what can occur. What we can expect with certainty about tomorrow’s weather is another story.

If you are willing to increase the probabilities in any area of your life, begin to deliberately tweak your beliefs about things. But start by setting forth what you expect will occur in the immediate days of your life. Cultivate the ground of the days right in front of you. Do this by adding more joy and happiness and hopeful feelings about what is likely to come your way. When you see the vast number of thoughts coming to you, you will begin to see how fixed you have made it and how the status quo of your life has been all you really had. That is until now of course.

It’s time to deliberately choose better feeling thoughts about everything. Don’t expect it to materialize over night, give it a few days, you aren’t that good yet. Expect to discover every day your greater capacities as a human being and that all you dreamed was possible for you – actually is. The more happiness and joy you bring to your life is an indication of how aware you are becoming of your true nature and your capacity to expect a great life.

Recall a time in your life when you experienced you didn’t know what was going to happen. Recall a time when you received an important piece of mail and you felt that nervous feeling of not knowing what the content would reveal. Or you were sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for him to come in and tell you the results of your tests. Or perhaps there was a time when your car broke down in the middle of the desert, alone you felt uneasy as to what could happen. These are all moments when your expectations are a bit unstable. What could happen could be any number of things.

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When you drive on a highway traveling sixty miles an hour and the only thing separating you from the oncoming traffic is a dashed painted line on the pavement, your expectations are surprisingly very stable. Barry Bonds expected he was better than most, and he also expected the powerful would tarnish his greatness somehow. But he may also expect to come out on top eventually, I expect he deservingly will.

What you give attention to is what you are getting. Notice that every time you look at something it is there. That is how fast you are receiving it. You are not looking, expecting to find it not there. Stick your hand in your pocket and expect to find something more than you thought. Try it now. What is your expectation? It is only the countering thoughts which give the appearance of delay. It’s a resistance caused by lacking the ability to stay deliberately focused on what is wanted that has it take so long to manifest.

May every day bring awareness to you of a limiting expectation, and the willingness to think it will turn out differently than was expected. Those interested in discovering more on the practical applications of the Law of Attraction and how it impacts the results in your everyday life are invited to take the action of searching me by name on the internet.


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