The actual law of attraction, in coherence with the ultimate 11 laws of attraction, states that we manifest or attract to get into our lives those things that we fell and thought of most. This Law of Attraction is realistically based on your human ‘vibration’. Our daily feelings and inner emotions have a kind of vibration that we in turn emit into the universe. The universe then uses this particular vibration to plainly attract more of that kind of pulsating tone back into your life. Let’s say, you are fulfilled and happy; you are sending out a higher  bbpulsating frequency. Whereas, if you feel you are so depressed and more worried about your personal finances, you are emitting that type of vibration and in turn, more of that kind of pulsating frequency is bounced back into your life.

If you use acquiescence in trying to change your own focus, believe me, they will not work if you don’t absolutely FEEL it. And If you are emitting the feeling of being financially desperate, you will in turn attract more of the same pulse to further reinforce what you are actually feeling.

You may ask, how are you going to change the emotional wavering you are feeling and emitting? First and foremost, you must accept and understand that it is because of your emotions that is sending your vibrations, and not your consciousness. Be ready to identify and be truly direct towards the awareness of your actual feelings and your emotional state. If you are truly feeling worried mostly about your finance condition or if you’re feeling depressed, this is may not be the right time to practice your positive attitude. Being in total control of your emotions is difficult to just master, and the first step is being aware of your own emotions and then later goes total mastery.

Work with your accession and the other tools when you affirmatively feeling happy, hopeful and positive. With affirmative emotions and your conscious endeavor to attract and display its abundance, the universe will definitely have to bring forth all positive monetary circumstances.

The 11 laws of attraction is frequently at work, even if you are aware of it than not. Its working overtime just to deliver all experiences and corresponding circumstances that matches the actual emotional pulses you emit. Using the law of attraction to your advantage definitely means mastering your emotions. You also must be able to check your negative feelings so that they do not go against your positive ones.d

Try focusing more on positive emotions with constant practice of gratitude with what you have. And it is because gratitude is the very powerful tool in reaching abundant affirmations into your life.

These 11 laws of attraction don’t automatically mean the universe will just deliver you everything you need just by thinking of your desires. It must be put in the work. The universe will in turn provide opportunities that you wouldn’t have otherwise; it will make doors open for you. To achieve it, you must immediately act on the various opportunities presented to you and then allow the universe to bring and lead you to your own happiness, power, wealth, love and whatever it is that you dreamed of.

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