The Life Lessons in the School of Opportunity

Your soul is an extension of Source Energy. Hence, it is of Divine Love, Light and Wisdom. It wishes to know itself through experiencing. One way to do it is through physical incarnations. On Earth, it goes through a journey of experiences that allows its evolution through life lessons. You grow from being ego-centered, limited and negative to one in alignment with your true divine nature.

Earth is a wonderful place not just for you but for the gathering of souls. It is where you and I can serve each other as teachers and students. Through the relationships with other souls and interactions with the physical world, you can obtain feedback about the choices you have made. Experiences manifest again and again for our continual growth. If you get “stuck” and are not able to progress, you will find yourself having experiences of the same lesson repeatedly.

Earth is aptly known as an opportunity school. You get repeated chances of taking the same tests. There is really no such thing as failure. In your unconscious state, you may not recognize the tests that you have been made to go through as they can be presented to you in different forms. However, on closer examination, you will realize that many revolve around the same theme or subject for you to gain mastery over. In fact, it is highly probable that you will carry forward a specific life lesson into future lifetimes, if you are not able to complete what you need to learn in one.images (3)

“The difference between school and life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.” — Tom Bodett quotes

Findings are also often that your soul will also choose to incarnate with those with whom you have been facing challenges with. Where lessons are mutual between two souls, roles can get switched for different lifetimes for the same class. The betrayed in one lifetime can also be the one who betrays in the next. The hurt becomes the bully in the next. The victim becomes the attacker. Or, it is also possible that both souls betray, hurt or abandon each other in the same lifetime.Lessons are completed when souls graduate from the said class lesson in the physical dimension. Completion with just a “pass” grade in one lifetime may mean that you need to sit the test again but at a secondary level in your next lifetime. In short, a primary lesson becomes a secondary life lesson in the next. As you move up the ladder of consciousness, your soul evolves.

How to Pass Life Tests

Passing life tests begins with realization. You are able to see that the life experience you just had has just presented you a learning opportunity. You ask yourself what repeated patterns you see that are played out in your various life aspects: family, relationships, career, play, health and physical environment. You are able to determine if the theme is one of abandonment, betrayal, shame, guilt, loss, rejection, or struggle.

You understand that your school tests are probably mirroring the thoughts you have inside. If it is fear that you hold inside, it will be a test that teach you on courage. If it is about a sense of rejection, then the test will be a lesson on unconditional love. If your thoughts are about struggle, then the test will be teach you about divine abundance. Through your state of Being, you constantly adjust your energetic vibrations until you are able to experience more and more positive outcomes.

You no longer identify with the story that your ego has been playing up. You give up the drama, the role of the helpless, traumatized and miserable victim that you have previously identified with. As time goes on, you get better and better in dealing with difficult situations. You now live in grace, peace and harmony for all there is. You are on top of your life lessons.

With a bigger perspective, you no longer react badly to difficult life situations. Previously viewing a negative event as a difficulty, you now perceive it as a challenge. You experience a change in paradigm. Your awakening is the key to shattering your previously tightly-held false beliefs, perceptions and ideas. You realize also that you are not your old story. Your essence lies in what-is-not.

How to Graduate With Flying Colors

Once awakened, you pursue personal growth with vigor. You are not content with a mere pass grade. You hope to excel.

Ultimate life lesson mastery is when you do well in your school curriculum. You now wish to graduate at University Level with a PHD. Well, graduating with flying colors generally involves you living your Highest purpose. Your purpose on Earth is bring forward a divine expression of your true nature. Your spirit is at peace in the every moment of now in your physical dimension. You are the embodiment of Divinity.

Evelyn Lim is a life coach, writer and an Intuitive Consultant. She shares her tips about raising energy consciousness on her site. The topics she cover specifically include law of attraction, conscious living, self mastery, meditation and spirituality. She runs a successful blog at Abundance Tapestry.

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