The “NEW” Skill Leaders Need to Develop

You have been working for years to become a time management maven, you have keen decision making skills and you have built highly successful businesses and teams.g

All of the skills that have been developed in the leadership realm are practical and measurable and yet there is a ‘new’ skill that leaders need to develop in today’s fast paced workplace.

That skill is the ability to self manage and connect to others using a ‘soul based approach’.

Wait before you stop reading and assume I about to go into new age phoo phoo please stay with me.

Research by Harvard, Stanford and other reputable universities are showing that leaders who have developed his or her ability to develop soul awareness of self and others has higher job satisfaction, greater sense of purpose and happier relationships with employees.

Arianna Huffington’s new book Thrive talks about how the definitions of success are changing that its not just about the pursuit of material gain or recognition that people are longing for a sense of contribution and for deeper meaning with their work.

With the speed of technology and the converging of generational attitudes about work there is a shift in what we all want from our work, from our work relationships and ultimately our lives.

So what do I mean about self managing by soul or managing others by soul?

Firstly it has nothing to do with religion or dogma- it’s about a connection the invisible self and connecting others invisible selves.

When a leader self manages by soul he or she is focusing on being aligned through either meditation or bodywork to the essence of self that is not attached to the material world. By connecting to his or her soul self there is a sense of greater connectedness, there is a sense of fluidity in the work less of a sense of ‘working’, and there is a calm and centered feeling of being on purpose.

Consequently that same leader sees others not as ‘people who are a problem’ or ‘people who has to do something’ rather they see them as ‘souls’ who also want to feel connected, a sense of contribution and link of purpose to their work.

A soul-focused leader operates less from the ego and more from a holistic view of soul and self. They see others as humans who are also souls and who sees the potential of others and through soul connection and coaching helps others to be more than they ever thought they could be or contribute.

So how do you connect to that soul self and how do you practice soul leadership?

Firstly you have to take time away from technology and the ‘doing’ of the job. You have to carve out time to be in environments that activate soul awareness such as going outside, starting with guided meditations, learning to sit quietly daily or going for walking silent meditations.

Progressive organizations have meditation and yoga rooms and some are bringing alternative body work into the workplace such as Reiki, Network Spinal Analysis, Cranial Sacral and other modalities to help others get in touch with their souls.

Have you noticed that when you come back from a vacation you are more patient, lighter and less critical with your team and at work?

Well consider being a soul based leader as someone who regularly takes mini vacations in order to sustain his or her ability to stay connected to soul self and to help connect with others soul selves.nn

Don’t believe me? Well I guess you don’t have to – just let me ask you a few questions and then you decide:

Do you feel a sense of purpose and contribution daily?
Do you feel gratitude for yourself, your work, your life daily?
Do you feel connected to your co-workers in a way that goes beyond his or her job function?
Do you instill a sense of purpose and contribution in your co-workers that inspires them?

A soul based leader answers ‘yes’ to all of the above.

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