New nonfiction explores evidence of extraterrestrials

James W. Astrada’s ‘The ‘Nonsense’ Papers’ explores what most consider fringe ideas

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – “The idea of aliens and UFOs has always played a crucial role in human history,” says author James W. Astrada. “Regardless of the ridicule this mind-set inspires in skeptics, the intense speculation and debate on this topic continues to intrigue around the world.” In his new book “The ‘Nonsense’ Papers: 2012 and Beyond: UFO Anthology, Volume One (published by iUniverse), Astrada explores the fruits of eight years of research into this subject.

“The ‘Nonsense’ Papers” explores controversial and contemporary issues, considering a wide variety of interrelated topics:

  • UFOs
  • military “black projects” based on alien technology
  • former NASA missions (and the possible secrets they hold)
  • an alternative view on organized religious cults (and their origin by our creators from the stars)
  • environmental issues, including climate change
  • time travel
  • testimonies from those who offer insight on alien contact
  • the future and fate of our planet after 2012

Astrada believes the time of skepticism about this subject may be coming to an end. “Many believe this subject to be of fantasy or ‘nonsense,’” Astrada says, “but there are documents that prove that governments are interested in UFOs and have been for the last 60 years. There is evidence that ancient civilizations have interacted with non-earth based life forms that are buried in our cultural symbols and religious doctrines.”

About the Author

James W. Astrada has degrees and certifications in environmental studies and sustainability. He is completing a foreign language B.A. from Florida International University and an astrobiology degree from the University of Edinburgh. His interests include ufology, paranormal activity, environmental issues, politics, religion and human culture/subcultures. Also a PETA member, he fights for the humane treatment of animals and animal rights.

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