The Passion Within

Discover the Passion Within You
by: Richard Blackstone

The benefit of continued focus on spirituality information is that you are eventually led to the individual passion that lies within you. Part of the process of your spiritual growth is to discover this passion and then bring it forth and live your passion.

Some people are guided to discover their passion early in the human life process. We have all heard of child prodigies who have developed musical skills at a very early age and, along with those skills, they have a deep burning desire to develop and demonstrate those skills. That is passion demonstrated.

Well, we all have something like that within us. We all have our own song within us that yearns to be heard and demonstrated. We all have a particular aspect of love that we have chosen before birth that we are being guided by throughout our lives.

Tango Passion

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What is your passion? There are as many ways to demonstrate love as there are people on the planet. We are like snowflakes. From afar we all look just like snow but the closer we examine the snow the more we come to understand that every snowflake has its own unique signature. We all have our particular way to demonstrate that unique aspect of our beingness that can only be manifested in our own unprecedented manner. No two snowflakes are alike. No two passions are exactly the same. There is room in this world for all the snowflakes and there is room in this world for all the passions.

We have our overall purpose in life and we also have a more specific purpose in life. Our overall purpose in life is to just experience the life process, in the physical relative world, in order for God to know, through our experiences, all that she knows of as concepts. That is our mission. That is our way to occupy the space and develop the skills and the capacity to fulfill our larger purpose. This overall purpose is the backdrop on our stage of life upon which we are to develop, nurture and refine our more specific purpose.

We chose our specific purpose before birth. It is in this inborn privatized mission that we are continually being guided by the omnipresent organizing force that brings to us those people, places and information that we need to develop the specific purpose that we chose before birth.


Passion (Photo credit: -RejiK)

Let’s take a look at the big picture again. One of the huge dichotomies that is part of this eternal life process is this simple, yet incredibly complex, concept that we voluntarily forget that we are a spirit child of God before we re-enter the physical universe. When you look at this concept from the bigger picture of life, you can understand how this would be a necessary element to make the whole process work.

If God‘s purpose were to experience all the different aspects and perspectives of herself that she only knows of conceptually, then she would have to have the true freedom to do that.

Let’s look at the alternative to this voluntary amnesia. If we, as spirit children of God, just entered this physical plane via our human birth and were raised and nurtured as pure Gods and Goddesses, knowing from the very outset of our cognitive stage of life that we are a spirit child of God, then that is all we would know.

If we already knew, in our consciousness, all there is to know then what is left to experience? We would always make the most correct choices because we would always know the natural consequences of not doing so. We wouldn’t be able to choose to be who we are because we would already be who we really are, spirit children of God.

So here’s the dichotomy. Even though we would be limitless beings, who know that they are spirit children of God with all of the same powers and abilities and knowledge of God, that very knowingness would actually limit us in our stated purpose of experiencing in the physical plane all that God knows as concepts in the absolute plane.

Passion of Mind

Passion of Mind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We wouldn’t choose to have the craziness and dramas that develop and define ourselves. We wouldn’t chose sickness or death and we therefore would not have those experiences. You see, you can’t appreciate the concept of good health without experiencing the concept of poor health.

It is this relationship world of polar opposites that allows us to experience life in all of its different perspectives, from one extreme to the other. If you know all there is to know, including the natural consequences of your actions, then even with free will you wouldn’t chose those experiences that would be harmful or not beneficial to your overall good.

That is the beauty of this voluntary amnesia that we agree to when we choose to re-enter the physical relative universe. You still have free will, but now you are totally at choice as to what you choose to experience. Each choice you make still brings you the natural consequence of that choice, whether it is what we term bad or good.

Now it is entirely up to you to determine which natural consequences serve you and which do not serve you. It is your choice. It has always been your choice.

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Richard Blackstone is an award winning author and international speaker on Love, Oneness & Creation.
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