by Josephine Finn

Every day of our lives we are presented with moments that give us the power to forgive. Someone carelessly cuts us off in traffic without even a glance back. A hurtful remark is made about us, whether to our face or behind our back. Perhaps our boss is again asking for more work without the slightest hint of a proper reward for our diligence. We have a choice. We can view these moments as another example of how unfair the world is, or we can use those moments to take control of our lives and use the power, the unlimited power that God has given us. In the coming weeks and months I will be discussing those powers but today I want to discuss one of the most potent of those powers and that is the power to forgive.

Forgiveness often comes hard to many of us. After all, why should we let someone who has offended or sometimes deeply hurt us, off the hook? What we need to understand is that it is not them we are letting off the hook, it is ourselves. In forgiving, we are realizing that in holding anger against another person, we are forever tied to them. We are tied by our emotions to a situation that is dead.

Imagine being bound to a dead person. That would be horrible. The rotting stench of something that has died attached to us, carrying that horrible carcass around each and every day. It is no different being tied to a dead situation. Let it go. Let’s remove ourselves from the stench of old grudges and vendettas. When we do, we breathe the clean fresh air that comes with forgiveness. We know the levity that comes with laying unnecessary burdens down.


There is another just as important reason to forgive. Spiritually speaking, forgiveness is the recognition that nothing can harm us. It is our awakening to the fact that we are the essence of God and that God cannot be broken or hurt or destroyed; so there is no reason to carry a grudge. It is a waste of energy on something that has no power over us, that cannot harm us.

Let’s make this the day that we decide to take back the divine power that is ours now and forever to control our life. Remember, you must reap what you sow. Therefore, if others react negatively and you do not respond in kind, you are not a part of that negative cycle and do not have to reap the the results. They, however, as part of their spiritual growth, do.

Let us remind ourselves when confronted with a situation that hurts us, that our response is our responsibility. This means that when we react to things that others do by holding grudges, getting even or being equally as hateful as they, we lock ourselves into a negative cycle.

Today, let’s vow not to interfere with the growth of others while remembering our
spiritual heritage. Let’s take a bold step forward and stand on the power of forgiveness.

I AM a seeker on the path just like you and I have created a site, [], to be a place of comfort and joy to those who are seeking spiritual growth and/or divine intervention. I capitalized (I AM) because it stands for the God in me that does the work.

I was fortunate enough to have a mother who raised me in a spiritual environment. I have known how to pray for as long as I can remember and know without a doubt that my mother’s prayers made a huge difference in my life.

I am a lawyer who has practiced law for over twenty years. I have written produced and starred in my own one woman show. The show which is based on a series of humorous stories, encourages the audience to follow their dreams. I am also a judge recently elected to my second term and a professor at our local community college. I recently took up the soprano saxophone at the age of 56 and fully intend to perform on stage in the next few years. I am putting the finishing touches on my book and intend to have it on shelves all over the world this year. I am dedicated to helping others reach their dreams.

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