The Power Of WHY


A 3-letter word used to ask something.

Quite honestly, I am always intrigued by this question. Oftentimes, this question stuns us, probably because we find it difficult questions to answer. I remember my friend Owen and I always had a lengthy discussion when it comes to WHY…

And I am sure that you too have had the same experience. Being asked WHY makes us pause for a while.


Because WHY is different that the other 5 questions – HOW, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHO. These types of questions are always being answered with the mind.

But WHY does differ from these other questions? Because WHY is so POWERFUL…


Because WHY speaks from our HEARTS.

And when your heart speaks up, there is only TRUTH, no rationalizations or justifications. And this TRUTH sets us FREE.

In our daily routines, we’re always exposed to questions like – how did you do it; or Where do you want to go; what do you need to do?

Seldom do we ask ourselves WHY we do such things. In business and in life, you’re your WHY becomes clear and is big enough, the HOW becomes easy.

Keep in mind that in order for us to achieve something great, we have to Start with WHY. And this WHY will be the burning fuel that would drive us to achieve great things. This WHY will propel us to new heights. Napoleon Hill, in his book “Think And Grow Rich” calls this – “Our Burning Desire”.

Your WHY will wake you up in the morning, all charged up and ready for battle. In the middle ages, days of the great warriors, before going into battle, the General or their Leader would remind the soldier WHY they are in war.

In the epic movie – The Gladiator, Maximus is the General who became a slave, who became a Gladiator, and defied the Emperor. His cause was propelled with a great WHY, and that is to uphold the last will of the Late Emperor and avenge the death of his family. His WHY was so big that he did not focus on the obstacles along the way. His eyes was fixed on his goal and WHY he is doing that.

So go ahead, ask yourself the following questions:
– WHY am I doing the things that I’m doing now?
– WHY did I get out of bed this morning?

By askin images (7)g yourselves these questions, you will begin to unravel the great mystery that is “YOU”. You will feel that longing inside you that will lead to discover WHY you are here, What your cause is, and HOW you can make a difference in this world.

Believe me. I have been in the same situation as you. Not long ago, it was not clear as to what I should do. It’s as if I am just drifting to life. I am merely existing, not living. I started asking myself these questions, and soon enough, I found myself exploring the very purpose of my existence. I began a wonderful journey of self discovery.

I began to appreciate the most precious gift that was given to each and every one of us which we tend to take for granted – The Gift Of Time.

Whether you are rich or poor, famous or not, we are all given a fresh 24 hours every single day. No more, no less. And it is what you do with this precious gift that spells out the difference. Every heartbeat, every pulse is a manifestation of this continuous outpouring of God’s gift to us.

And the extra degree of valuing TIME spells out the difference between success and failure. Successful people use their time on things that would give them maximum results.

So how do you value this precious gift? How do you value your time? Let’s do something fun and exciting (and I need your full cooperation):

1. Get a piece of paper, or a notebook, or whatever you can write on.

2. Think of all the things that you wanted to do before your 70th birthday. Things that will give you great joy. It may be traveling to different places, helping your favorite charity, or simply spending time with your wife and kids. Write them down. All of them. Let’s call these your “Joy List.”

3. Next, write down your age. And we’ll do a little math this time. Follow this formula: “70 (which represent 70 years)” minus “Your_Age_Today” multiplied by “52 (these are the number of weeks in a year)”.

4. Your answer here is the number of Sundays left before your 70th birthday.

5. Write your answer at the top of your “Joy List”.

6. Now, review your “Joy List” and the Sundays you have left. Ask yourself these questions:
a. Will I be able to complete my “Joy List” considering the Sundays left before I turn 70?
b. Am I doing the things I need to do to complete my “Joy List”?
c. What are the things I need to change TODAY that would enable me to do the things I wanted to do TOMORROW?

7. Next, make visual reminders of the time you have left. How? Gather some small seeds, the quantity should be the same as the numberimages (6) of Sundays you have until you reach 70 (you’ve already computed this, remember?)

8. Lastly, take out one seed every Sunday. Look at it and recall what you have done in the past days. Have you taken steps toward the achievement of your “Joy List”? If not, what steps do you need to take to achieve them?

9. Make a commitment to yourself and your loved ones to achieve these goals.

This is just a simple exercise. I invite you. Look into your life. Look yourself in the mirror. Look at the people you care for.

Do the things TODAY that others won’t do so that you can do the things TOMORROW that others can’t do.

And start with your WHY. Without realizing WHY you’re doing things, you will be like a ship lost at sea.

It’s time to make a difference my friend.

Shine forth and become a rich blessing to others.

To God Be The Glory,

Neo C. Rayos

Neo Rayos is a Home Based Business Expert whose 21 years of Sales & Marketing experience has allowed him to work wherever he wants, whenever he want. He has recently transitioned to the GPT / Direct Business Model.

To explore partnering with Neo Rayos in a business that is changing lives in one of the most difficult economic times in history, visit his website at [].

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