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One of the most unusual species of the extraterrestrial phenomena are the reptilians. The first encounter I had with a reptilian was in my bedroom while my husband was out of town. He came to me as a silhouette of light in the darkness of my room. After many other visits I was finally able to see him. My contact with him continued for 20 years until I found a way to stop it, which was over a year ago. I have had contact with several other alien species since I was 3 years old: The first type was a mammalian, and was followed by greys, grey hybrids, and insectoids. The military is working with them, as well as a humanoid species who came to me at the same time I had encounters with the reptilians.

This page will give you a little information about the different types of reptilians and their possible agendas. My research, through my own experiences and through the people in my support groups have shown me that there are polarities within species; contact and abduction can vary from species to species depending upon their agenda, which serves to further complicate these encounters. Some are able to manipulate time: they are inter-dimensional, able to choose their evolutionary path. My research of the negative ones such as CHUKARA or what you have heard of as DRACO, has led me to understand to some degree, what they want. I believe the physical/sexual encounters through domination of abductees, manifest themselves through mind control and fear. Our emotional adrenaline is like candy, or a drug to them. They can steal this from us by causing us to feel fear, to feel passion, hate, anger and even kill us as they devour the last of our energies feeding from our adrenaline as it pumps throughout every cell of our body as we take our last breaths of life.

The reptilians have been here since the beginning of man or before; there are many relics which depict such beings, perhaps they are mythic gods of our ancient cultures. Ancient Peruvian myth depicts virgins in sacrificial rites to the gods, as this ritual is common in many ancient cultures. In my research I have found there is a definite correlation between some abductee’s past life memories, of being sacrificed to the gods. Some regressions recall ceremonial ritual led by a priestly figure; the gods appearing in a reptilian form. The virgins were given to Draco for the sacrifice – they were raped while their adrenaline energy was sucked from them as they lie dying. We have read about virgin sacrifices in the ancient texts, now we have more of the possible morbid details.

At an intimate moment with my partner, a door seemed to open above us in the ceiling. It was as if a very strong energy was whirling above us. I felt like they were taking some of that sexual energy from my partner and myself. In fact there was a time when he and I not only felt their energy, but they seemed to cause my partner and myself to act very odd. As soon as we figured out what was happening we called upon spiritual help and were able to close the door and stop the experience. This has never happened to me since, and I have stopped all abductions in my life and so can you. I continue with my support groups for people who are having these experiences and my hope is that they too can stop these negative experiences and take control of their life as I and many others have done.

Bazaar as it might seem, there are the many cases of women who have on-going relationships with reptilians. This may be very hard to understand, but this does exist, and these women do have a strong connection to what might be referred to as their reptilian lovers. The women remark that it is the best sex they have ever had. There is really no way to explain it, but these experiences seem to be of a positive nature; whether they really are or not, no one knows for sure. Some women have found that the reptilians were not working for their highest good, perhaps this is because of their discovery that they have been subject to mind control or manipulation on the part of the reptilians. This may be an age old system that they are calling back into reality, such as the incubus and succubus and other ancient sexual myths from our recorded history that may not be myths, and were possible even in Eden. They seem to come from a powerful place, yet one of apparent affection. They seem to follow the women through their adult lives and watch over and protect them and sometimes even control their lives and their relationships with men. There are many answers that we are still seeking about why these women are chosen. What is the connection to these women? Are the women being deceived into believing that what is happening to them is good? Is it just another way to control humanity? I do not have these answers, however my investigation will continue until the truth is known. Are they for OUR highest good? We need to understand that if some are, which ones are and which ones are not; this is the big question here. I believe that when this is answered we will then know how to bridge the separation gap between the species.

I believe malevolent reptilians are working in a small secret part of our government. The agendas of the negative and positive reptilians are very different. It is my belief some reptilians are here because they have a strong bond to the human race. Perhaps they are working to absolve bad karma from their past actions, but I am afraid these are in the minority. Most are service to self and do not serve a higher good for humans; their agenda is one of control.

I believe that this group may be the same malevolent extraterrestrial group that have been working behind the scenes CONTROLLING THE WORLD through the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood controls the world today through the banking, business, political and legal systems it has created. The malevolent extraterrestrial group is seeking to take over the planet through the human elite while the people have no idea what is going on. There must be a reason why they cannot just take it over by force; their numbers may not be large enough. Other extraterrestrial races, I believe, are seeking to help humanity to wake up but they won’t interfere in our free will, while the malevolent group will; if we allow it. The time may come when we will be manipulated into fearing some extraterrestrial invasion from space.

The extraterrestrials who are working through the Brotherhood will not invade from space.

They are already here.

They have been here since the beginning.


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