My Thoughts on Conspiracy Theorists

There are many mainstream proponents of conspiracy theory today, namely Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, or others such as Henry Makow.  There are many others who have taken a page out of their book, and began spreading alternative news, theories, and information via the Internet.  There is no end to the amount of content available, as new articles and theories are created daily – but to what end?  What is the true message, or the main concept that all of these alternative bloggers, journalists, or researchers are trying to get through to you?

Awareness.  My thoughts on this would be simply the awareness that the world is not as simple as it may seem.  There may be concepts or information out there, the learning of which could change everything.  Is that not worth exploring?  For some it may be, and for others, maybe not.  We all have our purposes to fulfill, and for some – knowing the unknown may not be apart of their plan.  But for those who are willing and receptive to look beyond the viel, you may be surprised at what you find.  The journey of awareness is an endless one, but if you decide to embark upon it, the rewards are a life lived consciously.

English: Radio host and documentary film maker...The messages proposed by the many conspiracy theorists who are out there… may in fact seem out there themselves.  Many are very out there ideas, but others do line up to truth.  It’s up to the reader to discern the difference… as just as you cannot trust your TV alone… neither can you trust one external news source and only one.  Their theories may go into tremendous detail as they draw conclusions masked in dark secrecy and blood, but all content… including theirs… should be filtered through a balanced perspective.  Yes – some of their theories may make sense, but others may be making enemies where none exist, or perhaps stirring controversy for other agendas.  In either case, use your own heart as your compass… allow it to tell you what’s true for you, regardless of the message you’re hearing.

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