To hire and to fire an employee in a home-based business:

If you’ve just started your own home based business, hiring employees for your business may be a little far into the distance just yet! But if you’ve been running your own home-based business for a while now and are thinking of expanding, you may want to consider hiring some employees.

The thoug ht of hiring an employee may be a bit daunting, but you could compare it to finding the right roommate, which is why recruiting and hiring the right employee is very important!

First of all, it’s essential that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Are you aiming to hire full-time or part time employees? Or even independent contractors? Hiring employees will mean dealing with payroll and benefits. Will you handle these functions in house? Or would it be easier for you to outsource them?

Always ask for referrals! Before you place an advert and start your search for a new employee, ask for referrals. Call former colleagues, and ask friends and family members if they can think of anyone who is trustworthy and hard-working. Other places to try could include local universities and colleges, organizations or trade associations, as well as chambers of commerce.


Do your homework! Before you hire anyone for your business, familiarize yourself with your states employment laws, and with your town’s zoning laws. If you don’t you could find yourself in a rather sticky situation, due to your lack of awareness!

Conduct the interview, don’t ask anyone else to do it for you, but do have somebody else present, by doing this you’ll have somebody else to compare opinions, and get their overall impression of whomever you’ve interviewed. Get as much information from the prospective candidate as you can. Ask job specific questions and try to create scenarios your employee would find themselves in, to see how they would handle typical situations. Make sure you find out how they’d feel working in an environment where family members and in some cases, even pets may be wandering around. By doing all this, you’re making sure that a prospective employer would feel comfortable working in the environment you’re hiring for.

Create an employee’s handbook. This will let your employee know instantly that you take your management duties seriously. It should include policies on sick days, hours they will be working for you, personal use of phones, and of course, performance expectations. You have to make it clear that they’re there to help you run the business, and that it will just be like working for any conventional employer. Some employees can take on the idea that working for a home business will be an easy ride, you need to quash this image right away in order to continue running your business efficiently.

And don’t forget to prepare your family members. It’s important that your family doesn’t feel that they’re living in a work place. Family members can sometimes be quite resentful of having a stranger in such close quarters; it can sometimes really limit what you can do in your own home. It’s essential you set boundaries with your employee, so as to make sure they’re not invading on anyone’s space. If your office is in your house, you might want to consider moving it to somewhere different, so as they’re not wandering through your house to get to work. It can sometimes be incredibly beneficial moving your office, either by converting a garage, or simply by moving it to a space in the house that doesn’t link to any other rooms, and has a very clear entry and exit point. By doing this you’re not only preventing staff from roaming throughout your house, but your helping your family feel more secure in their home. As well as this, it can also help you by creating a clearly defined work space, separate from the house, so that you don’t feel as though your home is at work.

Hiring employees can be a fantastic way of improving your home based business, and if you follow my advice you can ensure you find the right person, and most importantly, achieve whatever you hoped to by gain by hiring them.

To end this important subject, the major points for your life to be successful are as follows:

1. Self Mastery. Master yourself which means to be disciplined in your endeavors.

2. Relationship building. It is vital to build a close relationship with your clients and virtual partners. After all you serve them in exchange for a good remuneration.

3. Take action. To take “income producing action’ guarantees future success and your sales-funnel will get new leads continuously.

These are great tips that I had to learn the hard way. It means to guide your employees during these depressed economic times and I to see them enjoy the fruits of their hard labour as part of your team under your care. What a pleasure it is indeed.

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