From Robert J. R. Graham, author of several Self-Development books – Are you planning on writing a book?  We should talk… did you know:

  • 81% of Americans want to write a book but only 2% have actually done it.
  • 96% of authors who responded to Forbes Magazine said having a book has helped their business and they recommend the process.
  • Having a book instantly establishes credibility in your business.
  • Media exposure is WAY easier once you have a book.
  • With a book you can differentiate yourself from the pack.
  • With a book you can land Speaking Engagements anywhere from 1500 to 20,000 dollars!
  • You can easily increase your partnering and networking opportunities.
  • It’s not about having a published book, it’s about having a Top Selling Book.

Seventh-JourneyWhether you’d like to share your message with others, profit from what you know or have a book to position yourself as an expert in your field, Robert J.R. Graham is qualified to teach you how to become a successful author, just like the Pros.

Author of an award winning Science Fiction / Fantasy Series called “Seventh Journey,” Robert has also released several best selling motivational and self-help books, touching thousands of lives.

Robert has authored several books, earning him a coveted place on best seller shelves.  As a top selling author, he has been asked to host several book signings at major retailers such as Chapters Indigo in Canada.

Personal-MasteryThe Seventh Journey series as well as Habits and Motivation, and other books, have earned Robert a place in Reader’s Digest “Books You’ll Love to Share” section, several interviews in major magazines, and online, and much more.

You’ve seen him on as well as on Reader’s Digest, Several Radio Networks, and hundreds of print & online magazines.  It’s a tremendous accomplishment when an author can propel one book to the Amazon Best Sellers List.  Robert has done it many times with nearly 10 books hitting several Amazon best sellers lists.

In the last 20 years, has helped more than hundreds of authors promote their books, articles and writing through his blog network, and high traffic websites.  Never stopping once from achieving his dream, Robert has learned the ins and outs of a VERY convoluted publishing industry, and he feels it’s time to share.

insipiring authors SJ

For that reason, he’s full of great insights and advice for any author – regardless of whether you’re just at the idea stage, recently-published for the first-time or already an advanced marketer.

Robert Graham has created an eBook and video series to finally teach you HOW to become a Top Selling Author:

  • 8 critical things you need to know to become a successful author.
  • How to write a book in 24 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours
  • What it REALLY takes to hit a TOP Seller List (and key mistakes).
  • Different ways authors can profit from your their books.
  • The key component your book MUST include to be successful.
  • How one author made it BIG by doing it small.
  • Common mistakes that causes many authors to take FOREVER to write their books.
  • Media, Promotions, and the Reality of Publicity
  • Think about how writing a book can help your large or small business!
  • The four critical things that will make your book successful
  • A strategy that generates real money for authors, and you sell lots of books too!
  • Keys to writing multiple books at the same time
  • How to really edit and get your products recognized!
  • The strategies Robert used to make Seventh Journey an award winning success!
  • How to create books that zero in on readers, maximizing profits
  • The formula for success in the modern world for authors
  • How to take what you know, and change your life and everyone else’s too

To receive your free author training videos for navigating the Kindle Platform, simply complete the form at the top of this page. Once you do, you’ll receive an email back from me with-in five minutes with instructions for accessing the first video.  This first training series is our free gifts to you, and we know you’ll enjoy them enough to purchase the rest of them.  It will change your life, guaranteed.

All the best,

Robert J. R. Graham

PS — Remember, it’s not everyday you can learn from an author who’s launched several Amazon Best Sellers and became a top selling author in 2013 and 2014. Access your free author training videos and discover how to put Robert Graham’s strategies to work for your own book(s)!

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