Top Tips for Office Time Management

In times of economic crisis, a successful workplace needs management more than ever. Thus, when it comes to avoiding stress on the job, it’s important to do things efficiently so success can eventually see its way through.

A clean and tidy work environment is the foundation a business has to achieve the best possible performance. A systematically organized desk has many advantages: short workflows and no unnecessary searching. The key word is this: frequency of use. Within reach, you should have one of everything that is needed constantly and nothing else! Pencils, paper and notes and a compulsory labor shelf are a must for any well-stocked desk, as well as a constantly updated to-do list. An order system with files for drawers or shelves for creating space is also needed.

In our fast paced society, stress is unavoidable. Just the thought of constantly moving must be accessible to all. The unpleasant side effects such as headaches or back pain can reduce your working life but how can you avoid the stress at work? The most important criterion is positive thinking, because situations are often overstated. Try to move the situation into perspective and do not waste your precious energy on negative thoughts. Physical fitness is another important factor, because anyone who regularly plays sports is less susceptible to stress.

Good manners are not only important in your private life, but especially in your professional life as well. The mastery of small-talk, or correct salutation in letters and e-mails, give your counterpart a feeling of respect and looks professional and friendly. Official documents still contain the usual greeting and closing line. But good communication alone is not enough. Check out these tips for office time management:

1. Get an answering machine or secretary to take care of phone messages. Let someone else take the distraction of phone calls away from you.

2. Make some time for emails. Every day should have some time for answering emails or important calls.

3. Create your ‘To-Do’ list the day before. Every evening, write out your list for the following day.

4. Always finish the most important tasks first. That way you spend less time worrying about it.

5. Do simple tasks immediately. If the tasks take less than a few minutes to do, complete them ASAP.

6. Keep things organized. Being disorganized wastes more time than putting it away correctly the first time.

7. Prioritize. Set your priorities according to how vital they are to your business.

8. Delegate your work. Part of your job as an owner is delegating work to others.

9. Set goals. Be sure these goals are clear and attainable.

10. Choose your technology wisely. This can include making sure everything from the time clock to the coffee maker are usable by everyone.

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