Binaural Beats and How They Work
by: Randy Adams

If you need a way to achieve relaxation and reduce stress you should try binaural beats.

What are binaural beats?

Binaural beats are essentially audio files that create specific brain wave frequencies (using specific tones and sounds). The frequencies of brainwaves in your brain vary depending on your activities. Everyone’s brains produce different brainwave frequencies during certain activities. The brainwave frequencies present during periods of rest are different than those created during periods of concentration and mental focus.

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Because you can make certain brainwave frequencies in your own brain by listening to binaural beats, binaural beats be can be extremely helpful. Binaural audio has been used in for healing, mind relaxation, and even meditation. Mind Control Binaural ( is a five CD system that uses binaural audio help you to decrease stress, improve memory and concentration, increase your creativity.

Binaural beats are very effective for training your brain so that you can better your life. The most common benefit that nearly everyone can achieve through the use of binaural beats is mind relaxation and reduced stress. If you find yourself feeling very stressed, you can simply put on a pair of headphones and try to relax while listening to binaural sounds and immediately decrease your stress and put your mind into a more relaxed state.


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