3Dimensional consists of the dynamic brother duo Coleton (C) and Logen (L) Pickett.

1). With over 1.7 million YouTube views on your new single, how are you handling all of the attention?

(C) It’s been extremely exciting being recognized out in public for our music that logen & I are so passionate about! Getting such great feedback, we feed off it and expect to release more & more bangers.

(L) We are really happy that this song has received a lot of attention. That’s what you always hope for as an artist. So when it happens, it’s definitely something to be proud of.

2). How long has 3Dimensional music been on the scene, and what inspired you to get into music?

(C) We started to take it very seriously 8 months ago during our debut single Netflicks & Chill! Just the fact of people admiring our art and pushing us to take it to the next level. Made us realize if music is our true love why not strive to become the best.

(L) We started about a year ago when we released our first song “Netflicks & Chill”. We’ve always sang and loved listening to music but since we were involved in sports, we didn’t put music first. After I decided to quit basketball, I knew music is what I wanted to do.

3). As brothers, do you always agree on the style of music and flow? What’s it like working with your brother?

(C) We are both competitive and have great ideas. Sometimes we are completely off from one another. But it could go either way and still end up with a great piece of material. Sometimes we get someone’s opinion on what way to lean towards. But in the end we complement each other in different ways and create an amazing sound.

(L) We don’t always agree with things but that’s the beauty of a song. You don’t get to see all the dirty work that goes into it… just the final product. It’s good to work with my brother because it’s bringing another mind into the music. It creates more options for songs. He might write a verse and I might write a verse and we see which one fits the song better. Sometimes we may even combine verses.

4). Netflicks and Chill has some great synth, what was the inspiration behind the song?

(C) At the time of creating the song. The phrase “Netflix and Chill” was a national meme that was going viral. I thought if any song was to go viral at the time… why not something very hooky that anyone can sing along too, and the fact the meme was popping everywhere on social media.

(L) So the inspiration behind “Netflicks & Chill” is that I remember seeing the meme “Netflix & Chill” all over social media. I was like “hmm I bet we could make a song about that” so that’s what we did. What’s so great about the song is that listeners can interpret the meaning of the song anyway they want.

5) the music video is really great, there’s a lot of messages in there, can you describe some of the meaning behind it?

(C) Just have fun, live your life to the fullest, watch out for those people who will try to take advantage of you when you are successful at what you are doing.

(L) The meaning of the video is that the girl who the nerd and popular guy were trying to get actually had a boyfriend the whole time.

6). Are you working on any new music or albums currently?

(C) Yes, there’s so many songs we have yet to release that definitely have all the features to be a hit. My brother & I have grown so much in such little time as artists. I’m extremely excited to release our new material this summer! Definitely a game changer. Our fans are a little mad we made them wait this long… but trust me it’s worth it!

(L) Yes, we are always working on new music. There’s actually a ton of songs we haven’t released that our fans should be expecting this summer. Aside from that, even if we can’t get in the studio right away, we continue to keep writing. The iPhone voice memos has became my best friend.

7). What venues have you played at, any favourites?

(C) We had so many opportunities to play at venues but my brother and I are extremely confident in our craft we don’t feel the need to sing cover songs & long shows. Like this summer when we start touring… the people are there to see us & hear our music… not see another person trying to sound like so and so on stage. Our music will get us places & when we hit the stage this summer! We are going to be ready to put on a hell of a show! We dance, sing, rap, flip and more! GET READY!

(L) Since we were very new to the music industry, we decided to work on our own music before touring or performing shows. This summer is when the tours will start.

8). How has your hit single changed things for you both?

(C) Netflicks & Chill success made us grow as artists. It showed us that we have what it takes to become the next biggest thing. If we continue to grind hard and make great material we can make history. The best part about it is that I have my whole families support and I get to take on this amazing journey along side my brother. Truly a blessing and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

(L) When you do something that’s new for the first time, you never know how it’s going to go. Even when our parents  said our music was great, they can’t speak for the millions of people around the world. When “Netflicks & Chill” was released, it was great to see that my parents were right. After that we realized that we might have something special going for us so we continued on with making more music.

9). What’s next for 3Dimensional music? And where can fans find more of your work?

(C) We will be touring this summer, you can check us out and stay up to date with us at 3Dimensionalmusic.com plus we have a lot of new music coming out! The sounds just keep getting better & better! Bassline music video will be releasing this summer following others later on. This summer is going to be crazy, get ready!

(L) You can expect a lot of music to be dropping very soon. To know exactly when our music is released and what we have coming up, it would be a great idea to follow us on social media.  You can also visit our website @ 3dimensionalmusic.com

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