Use Micro Expression and Body Language Reading To Excel In Business Fast

As I’ve grown professionally in my career as a strategies consultant I found myself seeking out concepts that would give me an edge over the individual across the table. Sometimes I’m brought in for negotiations other times I’m hired to put a board of directors together or qualify a new CEO for a public company; many times I’m hired to take companies public or to grow via acquisitions and mergers. The fact is there is no way to survive in this small, incestuous industry if you can’t perform and deliver results. Often times we are brought in for a turnaround strategy and there is zero room for error so I need to go in with a bag of expertise so diverse I can pick and choose pieces and put them together during the process like a customized puzzle.

2One of the most critical expertise I was fortunate enough to harness early on was micro expression and body language reading.

I was first introduced to this concept on my flight home from an assignment in Germany. The guy sitting next to me was an interrogator and was so sharp it was actually pretty incredible. He traveled around the world teaching federal organizations and military groups how to read micro expressions and full body language to tell if an individual was lying, excited, nervous, sad, faking and everything in between. I immediately saw the applications for business and so on the long trip back he gave me some guidance on a few key concepts, I feverishly scribbled them down as fast as I could so I didn’t miss anything and he gave me some great books to read for further study.

I use these concepts all day every day. I would suggest micro expression and body language training to any executive that is in an environment where the life of the company and people’s jobs are on the line with your decisions. You’ll notice so many things when you talk to people. You’ll find yourself analyzing a client as he walks across the room to meet you; starting from his walk, shoulder placement, back position, forehead, crease marks on his face that define his typical mood, mouth, top and bottom eyelid positions and then when he is standing in front of you your attention shifts to the intonation of his voice, choice of vocabulary, hand and arm position, foot position, is his hand covering his month as he talks, where are his eyes looking when he’s talking to me and lastly I always have some trigger questions ready to activate the subconscious micro expressions to evaluate his insecurities and securities to set a platform to stay in control of the conversation once we get started.

1Use everything available to you, vocabulary to shorten sentences while simultaneously strengthening impact with fewer words, facial expression/micro expression mastering to see the truth behind the words of the individual you’re communicating with, body language mastery to uncover the hidden secrets that others are trying to hide. All of these concepts will make you a better executive and give you an edge over anyone that steps in your path.

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