Visualization and Emotions

Some people wont allow themselves to visualize, and doubt this great power. They don’t set goals and even if they do, they dwell too much on the process, or worry about how it can be done. The end result scares them, sometimes it feels too good to be true.

Big goal setting is something that,considering our world population, very few do. Who are these few? The greatest humans on our planet! (I will talk more on goal setting in another article).

Visualization is truly a powerful force! Why I am writing this article is because a dear friend of mine commented on one of my articles, and asked for response.

He told me, that why people don’t focus on the end results only is because they will be disappointed, when the end result is not the same that they visualized it to be! And its nearly impossible to determine the end result when you have living things involved, especially another person. For example, when you visualize having a good time, but at the end things go downhill. He also mentioned emotion transferring. So let me elaborate a little bit on these subjects.

Disappointed with the end result?

End result or goal cannot be achieved as long as it is achieved. Even if this result you are seeking to get is as little as having fun time with another person on a given day. We should not be disappointed if we observe something that seems like a failure, or differs from the picture we are holding in our mind. Its all about how determined we are, how clear our mind, and how much commitment is involved. Disappointment is a feeling of failure, but know, that you cannot fail in this world. Lose all doubt and disappointment!

If some situation doesn’t go the way you want it to go, it is surely just a prelude to something even greater. If you set a goal, most of the time even greater things will manifest. Its just how much effort you put on it. The more effort you put out, the more the universe will reward you.

Many people wonder why we sometimes fail to make things happen like we want them to.

Realize that our mind is actually a muscle too, and its probably the hardest one to develop, because it too requires dedication and most people don’t have time for it in their current lifestyle, or thats what they say.

To achieve mastery in manifestation, we really have to put much effort into our own development. Make it a habit, just like eating food, or watching TV. Remember that the more you put out, the more you gain. You can’t expect to gain anything if all you do is spending 5 minutes a day visualizing and sometimes even forget to do it. Imagine for instance, what force you are putting out if you:

Visualize five times a day for 10 minutes each session.

Hang pictures about it everywhere, so you can always see, and feel it.

Speak about it with others.

Being happy about it throughout your days, giving thanks and feeling gratitude.

This way you are really picking up speed! You are really giving out energy, and you start to feel like you already have this thing or experience you visualized about.

For most people manifestation with visualization and feeling does not always work, because they lack action. Some hold themselves back, afraid to fail, or afraid to succeed. There is no point in holding yourself back, you cannot fail in this world. And what if you win? So you szz ee, its really a win/win situation.

Things with another person

You can’t change another person, you can only offer them your guidance. But know this, you can change yourself, and by doing that, other people around you will start to change. If you have acquired positive mindset and mastered it, you rarely meet with negative people and negative circumstances, and if you do, they will not bother you.

If you have not yet mastered your positive mindset, it can be a little tricky, because things wont work out always the way you would like them to with other people. Everyone can be in a different frequency, every time they want.

Thing could not work out for you, because the other person is primarily on the negative frequency. What negative people tend to do? They drag other negative people to them and if you are not yet mastered positive mindset, you are on the loose. If you are emotionally involved with other person, who is on bad frequency, all it is doing is pushing that person away from you, or that person will bring you down to feeling negative as well.

Everything in this universe is governed by precise laws. When a person is sad around you, that person is in negative vibration, and as the law says, like attracts like, and pushes away the opposite. Staying with negative person, causes you to become negative if you let that person affect you. But with strong positive mindset, the opposite happens. Positive mindset Is hard to acquire at first, but with repetition and constant practice it will become a habit, and you will become complete mood changer for others and they will start to love you for that.

Mastering the control of emotions is the first step to become successful creator of your own desired reality.

Emotion transferring

Why is it when you meet with someone magnificent, who is in high positive vibration, you lose all your worries and become enchanted. People who are glowing positivity are like an energy field. (Everyone is surrounded by an energy field.) Who happens to be in that field, become magnetized to that person, because of the huge amount of energy that is given out. Its all controlled with our mind. The stronger our mind, the stronger our field.

Why are there so few of these great power glowing individuals? This is because of lack of understanding and belief. Most of us tend to live from outside in, rather than from inside out. Those who let the outside world control them, get dragged around by different emotions and wont make any serious progress in life.

Yes, we are all broadcasting and receiving different vibrations. These vibrations can be either negative or positive, and we can choose them to create our emotions.

Sadly most people commute between positive and negative. This is because, they let the exterior world influence their minds, they receive whatever is broadcasted to them.

As people live their limited life, what they usually see, is all the bad that is happening in the world. They think about it and as they do, they give more power to it without even realizing that. They see bad attributes or characteristics in others and punish those who have done something wrong, even their own children who they love more than anything else! You need to see good in others, and in everything that surrounds us. Give thanks to those who work hard. I once yelled to road workeiirs, who worked on a hot sunny day: “You are doing great work guys!” I am sure that you love when others appreciate you, give you thanks for something, or speak good things about you.

Make others feel good and you will feel good yourself.

I have found that nothing can change my feelings if I don’t want do. Its all in your mind. If you realize this, you will be amazed on how easy your life will become. I always see good in every situation and I don’t give any attention to the unwanted. With strong mind, nothing can distract or influence you. Don’t let the outside world take control. Take control of your own life, and remember that the outside world is just like a picture that we are all painting together, paint a magnificent spot for yourself.

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