Visualize a Higher Purpose

by: Iain Legg

Do you ever feel uncertain about your purpose in life, or wonder if there’s something more you should be doing? Feelings like this are common, and many people aren’t sure how to handle them. They can search for years for a sense of purpose and meaning – or worse, live their lives forever feeling dissatisfied and empty!

Whether you believe there is a specific higher purpose for your life or you’d simply like to feel more purposeful in your daily activities, visualization is one tool that can provide insight and guidance for a more meaningful existence.

Before you begin visualizing, first take a few minutes to relax and let go of tension, stress, fear or frustration you may be holding in your mind or body.

Then, bring to mind an image of your higher self (also known as your authentic self, your spirit, etc.) in your mind’s eye. See this part of yourself glowing with light and radiating confidence and joy, knowing without a doubt what he or she is meant to be doing here. Take your time viewing this inner you, and allow your vision to gradually expand until you can see yourself doing something that brings much joy and passion to your life.

If nothing comes to you at first, just take your time and enjoy the visualization process. Don’t try to force it because straining will cloud your focus. Eventually (even if it’s on a later day), you should be able to see an image of yourself doing something that’s meaningful to you.

When that happens, usually one of two things will happen with it: Either you won’t be surprised because you’ll simply remember that you’ve always felt a connection to this particular activity; or you’ll realize something surprising that you never would have thought of doing, but which makes you feel very excited now! Either way, you’ve got a strong clue from your subconscious mind about something that would give you the sense of purpose and meaning you seek!

Once you have this clue, take some time to think about it more completely. Can you see yourself doing this thing? It doesn’t have to be your career unless you decide to make it so; you can choose to keep it as a hobby or recreational pursuit. However, this is a sign from your inner wisdom that such an activity would bring you great joy and satisfaction so you should take it seriously and come up with ways to bring it into your life in some form.

You can also use this same process to visualize a higher purpose in anything you do. For example, let’s say you’re not thrilled with your job but circumstances prevent you from obtaining another one right now. Simply enter into a daily visualization exercise where you can see how your current work benefits you and others. Imagine yourself gaining greater enjoyment and satisfaction from your current job, and feeling good while you’re there.

This process can also be used to realize greater enjoyment and meaning from any and all activities, such as your exercise routine, your relationships, or any other aspect of your life.

The more you practice “seeing” yourself with a sense of purpose in whatever you do, the greater contentment and satisfaction you’ll gain from them – and that sense of emptiness and aimlessness will vanish forever.


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