Want to Get Rich Online? 3 Critical Steps MOST Online Marketers NEVER Master (But YOU Will)

correction 04 What is the most important factor for earning a killer full time living online? Is it learning everything? Mastering every tip, trick or technique? Do you need to study every online “guru” until there is nothing left to learn? Or maybe it’s trying an avalanche of different approaches… and trying to earn a little bit from each one? Maybe focusing on one SINGLE strategy is smarter… and putting all of your “eggs” in that one basket instead?

The funny thing is, when you really start to explore and examine the various ways that most people who “claim” to be really successful teach and preach their fans to follow… you actually could go CRAZY trying to absorb all of the conflicting advice.

And at the end of the day, it’s really NO surprise that statically… only about 3% of all people ever earn $1000 online, and less than 1.5% earn enough to feed their families as well.

I want to share with you what I believe are the 3 most important steps to online marketing success.

These aren’t really unique to making a living from home by the way… they are pretty much the steps that I truly believe are part and parcel of EVERY success system and life mastery method alive.

And while every teacher or guru may call them different things… for me, they boil down to 3 simple “S’s”, and I’ve been using them and sharing them with MY readers for years.

They are:

  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • Sequence

Marketing-Automation-Value-Cover-Image1If you can simply sit down and graph these 3 simple things out before you begin ANY online marketing plan, your chances for success go up exponentially… and in a hurry.

Here is what it looks like in the real world.

Your STRATEGY is your overarching objective. What it is that you want to accomplish. Your BIG picture goal. This is the central idea around which your business is built.

Your STRUCTURE is what it “looks” like. What tactics and techniques are you going to use to make it happen? Each individual piece of the marketing puzzle fits into the structure of your business. For example, for ME… in this case here, my structure is, writing articles (like this one) and submitting them to high volume content directories for traffic… and using that traffic to build my community. I’ve used this exact approach to write over 6000 unique articles that have generated many MILLIONS of readers, and in far too many niches and pen names and product launches to count.

THAT is my structure. (I call it articles/optins/offers)

SEQUENCE is the last step and it’s the part of your process that AUTOMATES and makes your whole business dead simple and run on it’s own. Your email follow up, for example… is a sequential element. You do it once, you plug it in, and it runs forever. Your offers, and when you present them to your audience is another part of your sequence, and something you can set and forget… and pretty much make sales in your sleep.

The sequence is simply the set of actions that moves strangers from subscribers and subscribers into fans, friends and followers and FINALLY, into clients, customers and evangelists for your brand, your blog, your business, and your bank account to boot.

Those 3 steps, if you focus and flesh them out from the very beginning… WILL give you an unfair advantage in just about every niche, every market and every important area of your LIFE as well, I promise. (And they don’t just apply to business… you can use them to have success anywhere you want, and give you the ferocious focus we ALL need to follow through on our true potential!)

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