Warlock Leveling Build

Looking for a talent spec to get your Warlock to level eighty as quickly as possible? Look no further; my Warlock leveling build is all you’ll need. We’ll not only go over which talents to get and when to get them, but WHY you’re getting them. And when we’re done with that, we’ll talk about Glyphs, too!

5/5 Imp. Corrup downloadtion – Improved damage on a key spell

2/2 Imp. Drain Soul – Gets less vital over time, but early on this is amazing for mana

2/2 Soul Syphon – More damage/healing on your big ‘filler’ spell and finisher

1/2 Imp. Curse of Agony – Another primary damage spell. Wait to finish it, though.

3/3 Fel Concentration – Now you can start drain tanking some; if you like.

2/2 Imp. CoA – Finish this now that you’ve got Fel Concentration.

1/2 Imp. Life Tap – A bit more mana from Life Tap; don’t bother finishing

3/3 Emp. Corruption – Another damage buff (and healing buff, soon)

2/2 Nightfall – Honestly not that important yet, but comes into its own later

1/1 Syphon Life – An amazing talent; with enough spellpower Life Tap and the drain off this will keep you from ever needing to stop fighting

4/5 Shadow Embrace – Filler for now, unless you’re actually taking advantage of Nightfall (or Glyph of Corruption)

5/5 Shadow Mastery – A huge buff to damage and drains; awesome talent

1/1 Dark Pact – Set an Imp to passive and use it as a mana battery; you’ll never need to Life Tap again. Felhunter is an option too.

5/5 Contagion – More damage and needed for UA later

3/3 Malediction – More damage

1/3 Eradication – Not too useful while leveling, so don’t finish, move on to UA and Pandemic first

1/1 Unstable Affliction – Awesome, finally an Affliction replacement for Immolate (assuming you were using it)

1/1 Pandemic – More damage for a few things

3/3 Eradication – Finish this.

1/3 Death’s Embrace – Just a filler point

5/5 Everlasting Affliction – Permanent Corruption and more raw damage; nice

1/1 Haunt – Another damage/drain spell, and it buffs your other damage to boot.

At this point you’ll want to pop over to Destruction to continue your Warlock leveling build; further points in Affliction would be a waste.

5/5 Imp. Shadow Bolt – Definitely worth it to be using Nightfall/Glyph of Corruption procs, now

5/5 Bane – Filler; can apply three stack of Shadow’s Embrace easier if you like, I guess

5/5 Ruin – Damage boost

You’ll be getting close to eighty now; I recommend finding a good endgame raiding or PvP spec and changing from your Warlock leveling build to that, giving yourself time to get used to it.

Now, let’s talk Glyphs; Major Glyphs depend on playstyle and level:

Corruption – Procs the same effect as the Nightfall talent; strong but complicates your rotation/costs a chunk of mana

Life Tap – Decent Spellpower buff; good flat damage increasedd

Syphon Life – Stronger drain on your Corruption; nice if you do big multi-mob pulls

Quick Decay – Very very strong once you start getting haste. Useless early on.

Minor Glyphs give you less to think about; grab Unending Breath for convenience when questing, and whatever catches your eye for the other two slots.

Hope this spec gets you to eighty smoothly! If you’re looking to further increase your leveling speed, give a leveling guide strong consideration; a good one will cut a lot of time off your final /played number. You can check out my comparison review of the top guides to find one for yourself.

Oh, and give my Warlock gold guide a try when you get to level eighty!

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