Anything that is consciously derived by humans has to be learned, taught, and worked on in order to gain mastery. Solid mental training is the essence behind mastering any skill, any sport or any area of expertise. The seduction game isn’t any different.
We were all raised to be humble and not to brag about ourselves or our accomplishments. It is now time to forget about all that and tell the world who you are and what you want to do. You can shift your thinking and change your entire life. I have done this and have seen others do it as well, some on a grand scale.

Many of us go through our lives haphazardly, allowing our thoughts to drift and control us. Know precisely what you want, focus and then take steps every day to get there. They can be baby steps, but you must have a goal in mind whenever you are awake. It can get frustrating at times but if you’re really determined then trust me, you won’t fail.

When you approach a beautiful woman and you feel anxious, it doesn’t help to tell yourself that you are the every woman’s wild fantasy while you sweat and freeze in fear. The trick is: if you don’t genuinely believe what you’re saying, you won’t ever improve.

What are your demons? “I am not good enough for a beautiful woman” or “I’m going to get rejected if I approach a woman.” These beliefs cause you to feel approach anxiety and crippling insecurity. You can’t just cover up your insecurities and frustration by lying to yourself and expect great results. The only way positive self talk can work is if you destroy the negative belief that is causing your anxiety, fear, frustration, or any other negative emotion.k

Another useful technique is using positive affirmations to improve confidence and inner game. It helps you incorporate powerful positive beliefs into your mind. The affirmations must be positive and non-limiting, goal oriented, and evoke confident emotions inside of you.

Another thing you could do is meditation. It is worth it to spend twenty minutes every day in a quiet meditation where you focus on exactly what you want. Find a quiet place to think. I, for instance, like to sit on my bed, in total silence. As my thoughts move around I focus on the ones that have me living exactly as I would like to. I then hold that thought for as long as possible. Meditation takes time to learn. At first, it may seem difficult to concentrate, your thoughts may begin to wander, it may become boring at times…but after a few weeks you’ll begin to see results and notice shifts in your behavior.

But enough with the theory. In order to become master in the seduction game you also need practice. So the simplest of advice would be: have a social life, develop social skills. The nice thing that happens when you get a life and you get social skills is that you can merge these together into what I would call a healthy, balanced social life. Once you get social, and you’re meeting women naturally and on a regular basis, then you’ll stop trying. You won’t be as desperate, it will feel normal, and more importantly – you will feel the change under your skin.

This is an experience that every man needs: to, on a certain day, see a woman you like and approach her, talk to her, and get her phone number. Every guy needs to have the experience of going from not knowing a woman to knowing her, hopefully intimately. It’s very powerful, and it changes your reality. It also boosts your confidence. It helps you know that you can go after the things you want in life, not only women, but everything.

One more thing: there are shortcuts and things you can eliminate to shorten your learning curve. Hypnosis is by far the most powerful technique out there. It is short, automatic, effortless and delivers real results fast. If you want to find out more simply log on to: and discover how you can reprogram your mind in just 20.

Tony Laroche is not yet another DiCarlio/DeAngelo avatar. Instead of inventing yet another “system”, he simply took all the existing products on the market, reviewed them carefully, distilled and boiled down their core ideas and beliefs and turned them into hypnotic suggestions.

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