by: Mavis Nong

Since I joined my primary business, I have had the opportunity to learn more about leadership. It’s not really different to what I was taught and had experienced in the Corporate world. Good leaders are easy to identify since their qualities stand out and cut above the rest.

I am now learning from the Top Producers in the network marketing industry and what grabbed hold of me is that they all have one thing in common – yes, they are all rich however they follow the same leadership principles. I find this very important because it’s critical to the long-term success for any serious network marketer in this industry.

The truth is, the more you follow the same principles as the Top Producers, the closer you are to becoming a successful leader. Let’s face it – people follow leaders, not companies. It’s NOT about your company, your fantastic products or your amazing compensation plan. It’s about YOU – how you serve and help others to get what they want. This is how you’ll succeed in this industry.

Here are the 5 major things successful leaders do. As you go through them, do a personal assessment and see how you’re doing:

1. Goal-setting gives leaders a great start on their way to building a successful business. They set daily, weekly and monthly goals and hold themselves accountable to this. Leaders have a ‘To-Do-List‘ and are disciplined to complete their daily tasks. They also have a clear vision of what they want their businesses to become and take specific action steps towards achieving their goals.

2. Income producing activities are the primary focus for the leaders. They prioritise their activities in terms of importance and urgency. They outsource or delegate less important activities. Most of their time is spent on lead generation, connecting with the new prospects and coaching their teams. These are the activities that build their empires!

3. Personal development helps leaders to remain self-motivated and driven. Leaders are always striving to improve themselves in any way through knowledge – they never stop learning, no matter how rich they are! They listen to motivational CD‘s, read personal development books and watch inspirational videos. The lessons they learn become part of them because they implement and take ACTION. Leaders also have a physical fitness routine because physical fitness begets mental toughness.

4. Master minding with the other leaders exposes leaders to positive stimuli to avoid the negative influences and to get inspired. They hang around like-minded people who inspire them and act like them. Leaders avoid people who don’t support them and don’t let the negative comments affect them. They take note of the saying – ‘Misery loves company!’

5. Leading by example helps leaders to brand and position themselves as such. They take charge! They always cultivate leadership qualities and instill them in their teams so they can succeed in their businesses as well. Leaders take calculated risks to become even more successful. They are also able to seize opportunities that others may not even see.

So, how did you rate yourself?… Be honest…. Remember, leaders are not born, they are developed!

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People follow leaders, not companies. Want to attract more qualified prospects to you like the industry leaders? Learn more about the leadership qualities to succeed in your business.

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