What Is a blog? It seems a perfectly reasonable question.

I have asked it several times myself as I travel this journey through TechnoLand. You know, that place where Techies come from and they speak Techese.

How many of you6861197374_17a9d96b5e_z  are like me?

I didn’t know a blog from a blast or a ping from a podcast.
And yet – here I am, at my age, and learning a whole new language.

Now I don’t intend to master the lingo – just understand enough to get by.
The old “where is the bathroom” and “I’m lost” type of mastery.

So – to get back to the question.

What is a BLOG?

Answer – you’re looking at it.

It’s as simple as that. This is MY blog. A small opinion of mine, suitable for sharing with the world. The word itself stands for weblog. An online diary, if you will.

It’s a place for friends and family to come and catch up on your doings. A means of expressing yourself in public and sharing snippets of your life or an occasion of importance or just an opportunity to let off some steam in relative safety. I say relative because people WILL comment and really, what’s the point of doing it if no one sees or hears it?

This particular blog is available as a video blog because I would rather talk than type and the technology is available, easy to use (I can do it – blog (1)so can you) and it’s NOT expensive.

All I needed was a computer (which I already had), a HelloWorld account (as little as $9.95 a month) and a camera. (helloworld.com/uconnect – check out the studio tour for a good visual explanation).

Oh yeah – I also had to conquer my fear.
Only took me a year and BOY, am I TICKED – if I had know it was this simple, you’d have heard a whole lot more from me by now!

That’s it folks, a blog. Who knew it could be so easy? Those Techies have kept us in the dark long enough. Rise up, simple people, and go out into this brave new technical world and let’s have some FUN!

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